Your Old PC is your new Steam Game Server! -

Your Old PC is your new Steam Game Server!

Westin East
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These unused Steam features can give you an insane download speed boost, and other cool things you may have never thought about!

This is useful for a number of reasons, and while LAN parties an large events are where this type of “cache” works best, there are plenty of other useful features that justify, in my mind, setting up one of these for yourself!

Jailbroken OLED Switch:
Windows On Steam Deck:

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – DNS Cache explanation
0:48 – Why Use Steam Instead
1:21 – What you need
2:43 – OS & Install/Setup
4:53 – Download Test
7:17 – Features & More!
8:35 – SURPRISE!
9:46 – Gaming Test!
14:11 – Outro


  1. Thank you everyone for watching! Let's see if we can get to 1000 Subscribers!

  2. Great video bro, better quality than most tech channels.
    I set up a DNS cache on my pi and game streaming with Sunshine on my main rig and moonlight on the SteamDeck. That's the only way i use my deck at home.

  3. bro 80mbps is not that bad… just a year ago i was running at 3mbps (pain) i have now upgraded to 1gbps (kinda off topic ) cool vid if i had a spare pc i would try it out

  4. on a good day I get like 3.5MB/s
    I'll have to try this

  5. Yeah damn this was a great video, I watched every second of it. I have been thinking about what to do with my 8 year old PC once I finally upgrade and this seems like a great idea.

  6. I get 200 megabytes per second on my current 4G data plan and I think that's enough for me.

  7. thumbnail is misleading…. MBps and Mbps are two different things. "In the same way, there are two units commonly used to measure internet speed: Mbps and MBps. That little b or capital B makes all the difference. Mbps means megabits per second, and MBps means megabytes per second. To convert MBps to Mbps, you just multiply by 8, so 1MBps equals 8Mbps."

  8. yo bro love the vid, but im high rn and I think you should look at both cameras for a dynamic feel!!! i think it would be really cool

  9. Painfully slow for 2024 "gets 80mb", bro didnt had to go through the 5mb life experience.

  10. over 10gb network you can only push about 0.9gb/s

  11. 80Mbps is slow? what the hell are you using it for? 100k resolution porn stream??

  12. Maybe I misunderstood but wouldn't adding more space to your PC avoid the need to archive games in the first place? Seems like a much easier solution to me.

  13. That intro is really misleading, your solution can only speed up downloads when you download something you already have downloaded on that network. It's only useful either if you reinstall often the same games, or if you want to play the same game on different device on your network. That's why it's useful in a LAN party but not for people that just want to download games faster like you video pretends…

  14. your channel is growing like crazy bro, congrats

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