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Wrestlers Rank Every WWE 2K Game 😂 #shorts

Macho T
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  1. Battle grounds was possible the worse wwe game ever

  2. Battlegrounds= give me a hell yeah…. but 2k15 shit? yes true it wasn't good but compared to Battlegrounds 2k15 is a game from god

  3. Stone cold: give me a hell yeah
    Crowd: silence

  4. I love 2k15 my only complaint is the reversal system just dont work sometimes and signatures just miss for no reason

  5. 2K19 had to hold it down through all of COVID a terrible game and a game that while fun was not the experience that we were looking for. 2K19 is forever goated

  6. Wwe 2k15 was awesome and it was the last Wwe game cm punk was in

  7. 2k15 was brilliant, and the soundtrack was amazing

  8. I've been out here playing 2k15 for 10 years

  9. I always forget that WWE 13 wasn’t a 2K game. My brain always puts it there for some reason lol

  10. Can't lie about the wwe2k15 being the biggest Peice of dog shit

  11. 2k22 so fucking laggy I can’t even edit super stars I can’t even change ther shoes without if stopping the game

  12. Batista screaming “ YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIEND!” Will forever be funny 😂😂

  13. SmackDown here comes the pain 💪💪🔥🔥 button here

  14. WWE 2K20 couldn't be anymore accurate. It also didn't help that Yuke's Future Media Creations left 2K mid-production and Visual Concepts had to finish the work with little time left. Meanwhile, Yuke's went to work on an AEW game that was published by THQ Nordic.

  15. The only thing that was bad about 2k18 was the Nintendo Switch version 😂

  16. Roman:“Im the greatest of all time kid”
    Some random person:AUH

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣give me a pls god never again 😕

  18. 2k20 was really bad it wasn’t even a complete game 😂😂😂

  19. From all of that series i only play 2k13 😂

  20. Bro literally called 2k15 trash
    I agree

  21. Owned nearly every wwe game since wrestlemania on the genisis and 2k19 is the best

  22. 19 and 24 are amazing 23 is ok but i still like 19 better

  23. 2k16 casually dropped the best showcase, sucked ass in every other way, and left. Respect

  24. The reason why wwe 2k20 is garbage is because wwe 2k rushed it and didn't even bother to get the job done and to top all off the bugs and glitches

  25. 2k19 is very mid. It's only considered "great" because 2k20 was horrible

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