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wizard101 get free codes (no download )

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thanks for watching leave a comment on what my next video should be about and the link is now here


  1. i'll dislike you in 2 seconds and you'll be there with that bear

  2. I love mr.fluffy my fayrite tuber and I am a tuber to

  3. please do more wizard 101 stuff and can u please put the link in the discription xD

  4. woah I can get free crowns at*:home | wizard101freecrowns

  5. Woah I can get free crowns at*: home|wizard101freecrowns

  6. I got a score of 100,000 and I got free crowns

  7. Wow I can't free crowns at home | Wizard101freecrowns
    Its so stupid I think its a virus?

  8. I got a permanent mount and 100000 crowns from that the a lot

  9. what game is better for what? i really wnat some mounts.. i dont care if there not perm

  10. What Is Ur Name For Wizard101 I Want 2 Add U 😀

  11. Woah I CANT get free crowns at*: home|wizard101freecrowns

  12. thanks it helped me a lot and a really good use of internet to look it up

  13. it no work for me i cant find the miney games why?

  14. why is iit adding it to my pirate101 and not my wizard101?

  15. this live I had a little crowns and 1250 I got to go in grizzehlm

  16. His username is mendezalex9 and I know his pass it's easy asf ROFL

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