Wingman AI 1.0 Tutorial: All Settings explained! Use local AI for lower latency -

Wingman AI 1.0 Tutorial: All Settings explained! Use local AI for lower latency

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0:00 – Installation
1:56 – Install directory vs. config directory
2:20 – First start & registration
3:53 – Configs for different games etc.
4:35 – Find, copy and understand the config path
11:02 – (System) Settings
18:18 – Start configuring your Wingmen
18:42 – Avatar
19:15 – Context
22:12 – Push-to-talk activation key
22:52 – Cost Control & limiting history length
24:04 – Speech-to-Text provider (STT, transcription)
25:28 – Install whispercpp (super-fast local provider)
31:32 – Text-to-Speech provider (TTS)
36:31 – Elevenlabs
40:23 – AI model settings (gpt-3.5 vs. gpt-4)
41:51 – Connecting a local LLM instead of OpenAI
42:57 – Custom Wingman settings
43:49 – Commands and keybindings

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  1. Ive got a pro account but my Add Skills button is disabled. I want to add other games and provide the wiki as the datasource. How do I create a skill to do this? I know alittle bit of Python

  2. This setup has seemed to have changed. The options presented to install whisper seem to be much different now.

  3. How inconvenient, I am in the US but it defaults to the Europe region and if I want to use US I have to pay for that option!

  4. I am new to star citizen and one of my buddiest stumbled across this. I am yet to try it but I would like to ask the community how it is? Has is been enjoyable? is it simple to use ingame after its set up? Is it worth it overall?

  5. server.exe seems to do nothing but run a command prompt in a flash then close on windows 10. I wonder what I am doing wrong?

  6. looking great guys, have installed it and had a quick look, but havne't had a game with it yet.

  7. just tried to open wingman just now and it wont open, uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still wont load

  8. Danke Simon. Wingman AI ist fantastisch (ok that's about the limit of my German 🙂

  9. Hi,
    Nice to see a new player in voice commands.
    Is a one time purchase on the table or is it only subcription based ?

  10. Super helpful. Thanks.
    I especially love the WhisperCPP. I'll install that!

  11. Thank you for this, great explanation and I was able to setup everything as per your instructions. Now, to test this in SC! 😀

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