Win More, Lose Less with this Roulette Strategy -

Win More, Lose Less with this Roulette Strategy

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  1. Play for fun dont play gamble..small.profit long run..

  2. Massachusetts Lottery with have roulette now with Keno on screens at local marts starting January 19th.

  3. Low buy in!!! Start $150 in singles, cover 30 numbers and each hit remove a number. Start with $5 profit and try to work your way down to big earnings. Walk away up $50
    Quick and easy, I’ve rarely lost doing this!

  4. That game didn't turn out too good poor guy kept getting wack 🤣

  5. I am 98% sure I saw you do this system before and gave it a Plum. The other 2% would have dreamed you tried same system.
    However, you have proved yet again that if you play this system you will have maybe a 99% or more chance to lose your money.

  6. The guy that invented this is living in his mom's basement. She comes down thrice weekly to give him a "hand"….

  7. Pretty sure the last system similar to this was to bet even money, then take your winnings and original bet on 2 dozens, which seems to make a lot more sense than this.

  8. Can't do this when I am drinking too much. My ADD would not allow me to keep up.

  9. Who is more lethal? Dennis on the roulette wheel or Timmy dealing blackjack?

  10. That's me at work: Show 'em how it's done, buddy

  11. Instead of $10 then $15 then 2 $20s then 10 $5s
    I'd rather do $15, $25, 2 $35s, 10 $5s/$10s

  12. Even if you hit with step 4 . . . 10 splits, one unit each . . . doesn't that leave you with less than 10 units? (Win 17 + your bet (1) minus 9 losers = 9 units) What am I missing? Maybe that's why they put it all on the 6-9 split?

  13. This “Step system” doesn’t look too Hot 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Hello, All. excuse my lack of roulette knowledge, but I have a question: What results could happen if a bet was placed with 4 units each on the 2nd and 3rd dozens along with 3 street bets plus the 0-2-00 triple leaving the 1&3 open? As you can tell I know just enough aabout this game to get into trouble.

  15. One too many steps. The 4th step is betting 50 to win 35, not worth it. Just 3 steps would be better. Bet a 2:1 first step (2 units >4), then bet two dozens for the 2nd step (4 units>6), if you win, rake the original wager (2 units), and then depending on how much of a degen you are, take those 4 units and bet 4 straight ups, splits, streets or corners. I would go with splits, cover 8 numbers betting 20 to win 65. Lastly, I'd be happy to buy in for 20 units ($100), giving myself 10 bullets, I'd play for 10 bullets (potentially 30 spins, probably not) and then walk away. Just in case senpai notices me, I'll call this system, 'Big Head, not Big Brain, just Big Head'. Luv you guys, keep up the great work!

  16. 3:25 What happens when you donk from here though? Do you Reset 10 on black or swap the board change style etc.. ?

  17. I have a system that works for me would love if u guys could try it out it's very simple u bet on 1 of the 3 2to1 lines if u lose u double your bet but stay on the same line continue until u win

  18. 30 hit both times you guys got to the final step

  19. I agree but I would rate it at not even on the chart-fruit. Why? Because like David, I never win 4 in a row. Never. Just doesn't happen. Bad system. Not Even On The Chart-Fruit (choke cherries)

  20. Here is 1 I haven't seen you guys use. "Colored Numbers." $15 minimum. Pick a color, Red. Look at the board and put $1 on 16 of the reds except the last 2 reds that recently hit. (Example Board shows: 1 red, 2 black, 3 red, 4 black) Don't play 1/3. If you lose, double the next spin $2 on 16 black numbers except the last 2 black numbers on the board, 2/4. If you lose, play $3 on each red number except the last 2 red numbers on the board. It's similar to martingale red/black, but the pay is better. When you bet $15, red or black on the outside, it's 1-1 & you are betting 18 red numbers vs 18 black numbers. If you hit the number its 35-1. You can still bet $1 on all 18 red numbers and still make out more then the 1-1 red on the outside. On a $25 minimum table, pick Red. If 1 & 3 are the last two reds on the board, play all other reds. You will have $9 extra numbers to play $2 on. If you put $1 on 5 red, you still get 35-1. If you put $2 on 34 red and that wins, then you get 70-2. If you lose double up black. Pick 16 numbers except the last 2 blacks on the board, and you have $18 extra dollars to play on additional black numbers. Martingale this system. Good luck. Hope it makes sense.

  21. I love it when Daddy Dennis laughs and truly is excited LOLOL

  22. I got a strategy so consistent they’ll start to reject your bets after you win multiple times in a row im talking 5-8 back to back wins guaranteed

  23. wish y'all could go a little bit longer sometimes. love your videos tho

  24. Hello nickname God or thunder. this system is the only way where you don't have to double quickly and nothing to lose. you always win this system. the more you can double, the greater the chance that you will always win against Casino. put $5 in dozen 1, 2 or 3. if you lose, return the same dozen 5$. you lose again. 5$ same box. 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 70, 90, 120…) one you win, you get your money back, you win 5 or 10. depends on your moment. you can only win this system. no dangers. Mind you, once you start somewhere, you keep playing on that box until you win. then choose another one if you want. best system to win. good luck.

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