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Why I Am No Longer Intermittent Fasting | for Today’s Aging Woman

Dy Ann Parham
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Why I am No Longer Intermittent Fasting | for Today’s Aging Woman

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Dy 💕



  1. Hi there I purchased your program but cannot access the community or the course lessons – please advise. Thank you

  2. Thanks for this video, very informative and freeing.

  3. Dy,. Your like an addiction in a positive way. Im here for my energy boost and learning what I do is now a habit and my body will handle the rest.

  4. What a sweet philosophy! Thank u for teaching us.just finished a 4-day water fast with very few probs. I haven't done this for prob 8 yrs. Needed the re-set. No guilt, shame or explaining. Re-committing to the 20 HR fast/ 4 HR eating window. Bec of so much flak from friends, drs, etc. I am done with all that. I just can't do diets anymore or starve myself. Also real food trumps processed junk any day. God has to help me- can't do this alone. I am an adult and take responsibility for my own choices.thanks 71 yrs young.

  5. You have to give your body at least 8 hours to digest food. If your just eating all day your not giving you body time to rest and repair and good luck with sleep on a full stomach.

  6. Totally resonate with all you said today. Well done

  7. I like to call my ‘fast’, just Resting my body, allowing it to work on other things besides processing food! My husband and I are very flexible what time of day or meal we choose to eat. Typically lunch, but not necessarily. Sometimes our ‘window’ is 1 hour, sometimes up to 6!

  8. I would appreciate if the title was more accurate.

  9. It sucks that almost every adult is somewhat consumed with food. Good they’re eating, food they’re eating too much if, who’s a vegan, who’s doing keto or paleo. Food and eating takes up so much of our time. Society has built eating into everything happy that we do. Every gathering or celebration the food is usually the main focus!

  10. Preach this!!!! I so needed to hear this today, His timing is always perfect 💛💛💛

  11. August 2022 grad…I started IF in July 2021 and DyAnn’s program helped realize pitfalls that hindered my goals. I now feel healthy and happy with this lifestyle! What freedom from dieting this has brought me. I will never stop IF. Thank you DyAnn.

  12. This is a misleading title and not a wise choice!

  13. I stopped intermittent fasting a long time ago but now thinking of starting up again just not every day though.

  14. Just say thank you for offering me ……., i am just not hungry at the moment. Smile ❤

  15. Thank you for the water intake reminder Dy Ann – feeling better ❤already xx

  16. Whew! I'm so relieved you're not stopping IF! Dy Ann, last night when I saw the title of today's podcast, I panicked a little bit.

    I thought you were quitting IF!!
    I'm so glad you're not! Thank you so much for everything you do for us! 🥰 😂

  17. DyAnn thank you for that Wonderful explanation of living in freedom!! That's the mindset I will grow in! I am in your April class and one of my desires are to live in freedom and not in bondage in regards to how I'm eating. I want IF to an automatic lifestyle just like me getting up putting on my clothes…. its a lifestyle!!!

  18. The reason the terms IF etc arr because people don’t have guidelines and aren’t aware of this type of lifestyle and benefit from the structure. Imagine trying to do this without definitions or basic understandings

  19. Another reason why it’s important to use. Proper terminology is because there is a medicine and science behind this, it’s not a random just do whatever we feel type of lifestyle

  20. Oh yes! Oh yes! I love this topic!!! Thank you!!!!

  21. I've learned, the hard way, to not (even when asked) discuss my eating style. It solves many real and imagined problems, LOL.

  22. I totally agree. Some people just do not understand what IF is..and its benefits. I don’t like to tell people about it. 😁

  23. How can I tell if black coffee affects my fast or not regarding what you’ve said about it working for one but not another. I’m truly trying to figure it out. Thank you

  24. Thank you Dy Ann, really needed this today! Love this lifestyle.

  25. I think it's true to keep your politics, religion and eating habits to yourself. Unless someone is truly interested I don't discuss my IF beyond oh I'm just eating healthy because the response is usually negative, even from family. Do we need to label our fabulous lifestyle?! Nope. Eb and flow as Dy says.

  26. This was so good to hear
    I feel every day I’m living this new way becomes such a cool opportunity to grow within my own body and really focus on my health and the importance of not being bound to eating but choosing my foods now as I want

  27. I like fasting because I eat sensibly, no processed foods and not having to deny myself since I'm not on a certain diet.

  28. Abbreviations…! “PR” is being used here to make personal record, yes? (When talking about DyAnn’s daughter’s track meet)
    And what does “LMNT“ stand for??
    I am not at all in these health and wellness circles in the states, living in Germany, and having never really gotten into diets and stuff.
    This lifestyle “snagged“ me last fall, and I have been doing this since November 1 basically. Most days around 20 hours, some days, 16 or 18, some days more. This weekend I had the first time when I broke my fast before it even got to being a fast, and I found myself feeling emotionally off at several points during the day. Maybe it was related to that, why I reacted more sensitively to some other energies around.

  29. I almost didn’t bother watching this video because I just got into IF and love it but her title made me think she was going to talk me out of it…anyone else think that. As it is I enjoyed her video except for what she titled it.

  30. "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." —Albert Einstein

  31. Where do you get your mineral water. Or how do you make sure it is been a water. Do you put electrolyte drops in your water? Went to the store the other day it would be very expensive to buy as much water as you need. So I am curious. And would really appreciate the information thank you very much

  32. When you get in your eating window (beginning or before ending) do 1 Tablespoon of ACV in water, that helps with Acid Reflux. Only have to do that once per day.

  33. I am finding that so many people these days are already intermittent fasting at some level. When I was with others it was a little more difficult to stick with the 20 hours. My feasting window just fluctuated. And some weekends I am participating in a retreat and I am in community where eating happens, I just participate and go back to IF when it's over.

  34. This is sooooooo good! So common sense. It is easy to become too rigid–no freedom in that

  35. I just joined your class!!! I first saw your channel last year, love your content, and I’m finally ready to make a change! I’ll be 52 this year and I’m struggling with far too much excess weight and arthritis pain, both making me feel like a prisoner in my own body. I’m ready to break free, put in the work, and enjoy living again. Thank you Dy Ann for being an amazing combination of wisdom and inspiration!

  36. You have no idea how much I needed this today. I’ve been struggling like crazy. Thanks for some much needed wisdom.

  37. I got up today and threw common sense out the window and ate poor choices and was upset with myself, then this video popped up and now I feel back on track, thank you!

  38. I’ve always been a “disciplined” eater as my friends are saying. My mother always said “eat just enough at dinner so that if a gentleman invites you to dinner you can accept and eat some more.” I’ve always loved that.

    I think she learnt that from her mother. I’m Dutch and was born not too long after WWII.

  39. Such a freeing concept! It’s what I have been doing without realizing it! 😂

  40. I so agree with this … l am a 54 ( post menopausal) woman and have been IF for about 8 months and have lost a LOT of weight and feel incredible !! … l have had many many people ask me how l have lost weight ?? … l am so over people saying they don’t agree with what l am doing 🤷‍♀️ … from today onwards l am going to say l am eating a healthy way for me !! … oh and if one more person asks if l am on ozempic l am going to scream !! 😂

  41. I’m in my late sixties and just naturally skipped breakfast and lunch for years because I was too busy or just forgot to eat. As a result I’ve always stayed underweight and did not experience any hot flashes during menopause. In the last few years however Ive become a gluten free, dairy free vegan and eat twice a day with the same health benefit.

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