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Why Fortnite Servers Is Down? (How to fix Fortnite Servers Down Offline!)

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Fortnite Offline? How to fix Fortnite Servers Down Offline!

Fortnite Battle Royale is under emergency downtime. It is unknown when the servers will be fixed again. Everyone can’t play fortnite at the moment. It is also not allowing some players to join the game. Epic Games is currently working on this..

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  1. HE DIDNT EVEN SHOW US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You know your late right. There’s a lot of videos out already showing us the same thing

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  6. Fortnight isn’t down the season has ended so tomorrow we’re going to get a new season and then it will work just be patient but you have to update The game tomorrow

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  8. Bro, I thought this was a video on how to fix the server. Not leak skins

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  11. I just don't understand why the servers are down. They have had months to prepare, beta test and stress test the update. It literally should be new downloadable content that would auto update as soon as you log in. Just disappointed that they haven't already gotten this done.😒

  12. it's not bad you can also play in the fresh air😂 greetings from Germany

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  15. I love the part where he told us how to fix downtime honestly 10/10 I give this video 😐

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  19. Where is the part where you told us how to fix the downtime?

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  24. My is just saying when I log in it say successfully logged out so please make a video

  25. thank you soooo much I was so confused why the screen said that ⁉️😭😂

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