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Was Mass Effect Andromeda Really THAT BAD? (2024 Review)

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Ah – Mass Effect Andromeda – the game we fans of the original Trilogy like to pretend doesn’t exist. How many games are in the Mass Effect series? Why there are three of them – Andromeda? Never heard of ya.

It’s been almost seven years since the dumpster fire release of Mass Effect Andromeda, and in the past few years people have been rediscovering the game. In a similar way to AC Unity and Cyberpunk, Andromeda has seen at least a little bit of a boost in its reputation. So were the haters wrong about this game? Is it actually a good game that’s deserving of your time? That’s what we’re going to dive into today.

So here’s the deal man – I think Mass Effect Andromeda got a bad rap. It’s not the worst game ever made or anything like that. However, that doesn’t mean it’s some kinda hidden gem, masterpiece that you absolutely have to play.

0:00 Introduction
1:19 Combat
4:11 Exploration
5:39 Ryder and Squadmates
8:22 Story Choices
11:38 Conclusion


  1. I also remember that quests don't trigger sometimes so you have to go to the same place over and over!

  2. Combat was one of the main things I couldn't get around.Just didn't feel ME anymore.Also the exploration…boring

  3. My Malin issue is that the overheadlight on the tempest became a strobelight and same with cluster map it just appeared one day and have remained so ever since. My favorite part of Andromeda was that it had seperate ability cooldowns. One good thing about it was that it rooted out the fair weather fans.

  4. Which mass effect game are you even talking about there are only 3

    I tried it 2 time and both times I got reminded that all the story aspects are so much worse (refunded games both times )

  5. I feel that the choice and consequence issue can also be attributed to the "one" game issue like the companions, I'm sure many of choices would have had consequences in future games if we actually had got them. Similar to Mass effect one, there were a lot of choices in that game that didn't see consequence until the later games.

  6. One little thing that I liked was the crew banter while driving around. If you pay attention, there are small story lines hidden in them. I really missed that when I did a playthrough of ME afterwards.

    Also, kudos to fem Ryder's voice actor. She made Sara a much less cringe character than her brother by the power of her voice.

  7. I have i question if some one know in the mass effect to ending Shepard can die so you can port your character in mass effect 3 you have to make a new does the game recognize that this is a new character like the dragon age origins dlc´s that if your character dies that game recognize that this a new character

  8. Andromeda Wasn’t a Bad game at all. I say this thou as It was the first Mass Effect game I ever played. Converted to Xbox & Found it on gamepass. It was a decent shut ya brain off open world rpg with fun Combat. Then I stumbled upon the insane online hate towards this game on google and I didn’t understand it, the game wasn’t that bad? Thennnn I Played the remastered Legendary edition ME trilogy. I Quickly understood Allll the Hate for Andomeda. Playing the trilogy “properly” as if it’s one continuous Game I’d say it’s the best RPG ever made.. It’s fucken amazing. Andromeda compared is basically a Ubisoft version of Mass Effect, they focused on making it big with enjoyable combat & that was it. I totally understand every OG ME fans outrage. Andromeda Not Bad, But it’s also a huge Slap in the face to the Fans

  9. Andromeda was a vanguard indicator of Redditt loving, incompetent millenials ruining games with "The Message".

  10. IMHO, Andromeda was not bad, it just wasn’t good.

  11. i just beat it for a 2nd time i think its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than Starfield thats for damn sure!!!! you had me laughing my ass off half the time too! I agree with everything u said great video Danny Boy!

  12. Ryder felt like a teenager in an adult lead world lol

  13. As a game it was fine, as a Mass Effect game not so much. I still enjoyed my time on it.

  14. No, it's a solid game that is judged overly harshly because it's not the standard of the OT.

  15. I say no. It had great gameplay. The story did have lacking parts. But overall it was a good story. Once the animation was fixed in updates, it also became a beautiful game too.

  16. Interesting take on the class restriction. That took all replayability away, as in I did not see a reason to restart another playthrough- I already played all different classes in one go. And with word of no dlc or continuation of the game or story, I felt no reason to replay. MELE was able to squeeze 4 full playthroughs, due to wanting play as different classes- Vanguard and Infiltrator for the first time for me.

  17. Compared to the other mass effect then yes, as a stand alone game no. But i am not sure i would buy it of it wasent in the mass effect franchise

  18. A solid 7/10. I did a playthrough but would not bother to repeat it. Meanwhile, I've done several playthroughs of the mass effect trilogy.

  19. Said this in 2017, and will say it again now: ME:A is not a great Mass Effect game, but it is a great Space RPG. For those of us expecting something similar in tone, style, or substance to the ME trilogy, we were disappointed, of course. But once you get past that and just take the game for what it is, I found it HIGHLY enjoyable. A really fun story, great graphics (aside from the faces which they fixed, sort of), excellent RPG elements, and REALLY fun gameplay. This is better than 95% of similar games. It's just not better than the other ME games.

  20. Best combat in the series!! I liked the game right from the start.

  21. Andromeda definitely suffered from players not being willing to meet the game for what it is. While I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece, a LOT of people at the time were pissed not just for its unpolished quality but because it didn't involve Commander Shepherd or the events of the original trilogy (which the game was pretty up-front about).

    The negativity caused me to stay away for about a year, which was probably to my benefit. By the time I picked it up it had been mostly patched, eviscerated by the public, and had a steep price cut, so I went in with the best possible circumstances and the lowest possible expectations. Consequently I found the game to be much better than I'd expected, and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, although it definitely suffers from being part one of a planned trilogy that never got parts two and three. I might do another playthrough some day; even for the lack of notable quests I did really enjoy just exploring the planets, and I will never complain about being able to hang out with a Krogan.

  22. Every now and then, there's a game that, for one reason or another, gets a lot of hate, and at its time, this was one of them. The main criticism came from people who neither played it nor will play it, focusing on facial animations, which then snowballed from there

  23. You really gotta look at it as a complete separate thing to enjoy it dont look at like a sequel to the og trilogy or you'll be disappointed

  24. I thought it was a terrible release at the time, but I started playing it since the company gave me the game for free. Then suddenly I had over three thousand hours in the game, so I don't know what happened.

  25. Nah, I refuse to reward bioware in any way monetarily for putting that trash heap out

  26. It's not that bad, it's just really, really not that great either. Other than the combat & graphics, the game is a 5 or 6.

  27. Played it last year, I was happy to see the mass effect universe again, and the gameplay is a big upgrade but the lack of personality in the characters and romances is really an issue.
    It wasn't bad at all, but it's not at the trilogy level.
    Don't regret of playing it (at least after knowing the technical problems were solved), but I will repeat the legendary edition thousand times before playing andromeda again.

  28. The issues were that the story was not well written (to put it mildly).. no new species .. poor customisation for your teammates … Not engaging teammates as well… the never specified role as pathfinder that apparently was going to be the solution to all the problems… Sam being a Mary Sue over and over … Technical issues like the awkward facial animation I can live with (hoping that they were going to take care eventually). But this is not what EA did. They quickly chicken out when the critics started pouring down avoiding any DLCs without much fanfare. All in all it looked like a rip off from EA to the ME fan base .. RIP

  29. I didn't like not being able to be.. bad? Mean? Anything but the smiling moron. Yes man character. Like I'd love to kick the asari out of the airlock. It's an airlock not a B&B room. Get outta there.

  30. I couldn't get past how some of the cutscenes dragged on. I got so bored waiting for them to finish. Not listening, because the convo was boring, just waiting for the peeps to move on so i could move on. I've tried twice to play it, and I've never been able to finish it. Just not engaging enough.

  31. It was when you compare it to the previous trilogy

  32. I can't believe that there was a Mass Effect game that I didn't want to complete. I have no idea what it was about, where I stopped playing, or what the ending was. I didn't care enough to look up how it ended.

  33. Great opening level, great shooting and controls….. but half assed rushed story is truly where it went wrong for me. It needed a couple more years of development time.

  34. "Ryder is kind of a loser" I wish i can like this video 1000 times

  35. Boring ass huge maps with nothing to do and lame main character. Thats how I remember it.

  36. Like you said, they clearly had plans to push the story forward and expand of stuff in the base game, so at least 1 bigger DLC must have been put into consideration.
    Unfortunately, they pulled the plug on the game before that could happen which additionally contributes to ME:A being seen as half-baked ME game.
    IMO they should not discard this story as there are too many cool characters – Vetra and Drax above all.
    Recent theories suggest they might be aiming at connecting Milky Way and Andromeda storylines somehow, but that is already a lot of space magic if we end up playing as Shepard 600+ years in the future somehow who manages to meet Ryder and his team in Andromeda (I wouldn't complain tho' since we would get all main characters from both galaxies in one game, not a bad deal).
    I guess in about ~2 years we will start to get real sneek peeks/leaks about next ME game plot/setting/characters etc so there will be a lot of juicy stuff to discuss about ME again (it's been too long since the ME:A 2015-2017 hype 🙂 )

  37. I think that as much as we like ME we should be careful with the next ME game, the bioware that made the OG trilogy no longer exists.

  38. Combat was fun but the story and characters were so bland I couldnt even finish one play through

  39. “We fans” of the original trilogy? I never hated it. It’s a good game, good first foundation of more to come that people ruined

  40. Yes these chicks were fugly. Does anyone remember Miranda or Liara????

  41. I am replaying Andromeda now (for only the 2nd time) and I agree with most of what you have said. The game is just SO long too. It's like Bioware thought they could placate the lack of any real consequence of choices by just giving us lots and lots and lots of stuff to do. I would have rather they focused on quality over quantity.
    I do have to say though that I find Ryder a decent protagonist. I really enjoy the sarcasm you can bring and Ryder has some genuinely funny lines.
    In the opposite to what is true in the original trilogy, I also like the voice of male Ryder much better than the one of female Ryder.
    And I do think that it's nice there is more diversity in the romance options.

    But yeah, overall… what a long-ass game…

  42. I enjoyed Andromeda a lot to be honest – it’s a good solid game which had some unfair and fair criticism

  43. I played 3/4 of the game before giving up. It was meh. In comparison to the original trilogy where I could name every character and describe their personalities and story arc, I can’t name a single character or describe them. Except Peebee (might have that wrong but it was something like that) that was the big problem, forgettable characters and interactions with them and the Pathfinder role/royalty thing was weird and nonsensical. Oh you’re dad named you Pathfinder so you’re the only one who can do anything

  44. Yeah, those were my thoughts pretty much. I had fun with it, especially the combat. Story was okay and showed potential, but all the bugs, lack luster choice mechanics, shoddy animation, all the Asari looking like blue Amy Schumer, and exploration that got a bit dry after a while…I had fun, but I've never been able to finish a second playthrough.

  45. Yes.
    Always and forever yes.
    My face will always be tired.

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