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W4 Cloud Released – Full Godot Multiplayer – Free & Open Source!

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W4 Games, the company formed by Godot founder Juan Linietsky and other key Godot developers to form a commercial ecosystem around the Godot game engine, have just released their second product, W4 Cloud.

W4 Cloud is a free and open source (AGPL v3 license…) complete networking solution for the Godot game engine. If you are willing to run your own servers, you can use it completely free. It provides all the usual networking stuff like matchmaking, server balancing, achievements and more in a Godot friendly way.


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  1. Can't you ban these Spam Bots for Eternity ?

  2. why dont you use linux or make videos bout it?

  3. oh wow online multiplayer for godot! cheers my dudes 🍺

  4. I would stay far away from it.
    Their services are totally overpriced.

  5. Hands on demo would be awesome! Thank you for the great content

  6. Lfg….I was checking out godot multiplayer with steam just yesterday lmfao

  7. So Juan is still with W4? I know he exited Godot recently.

  8. Assuming that this couldn't handle MMORPG level of server hosting.

  9. Godot just keeps expanding while Unity shrinks. I think the writing is on the wall for Unity now. Maybe they can get Microsoft to buy them out and expanded but MS has a bad habit of dropping support for this kind of stuff (hello again XNA)

  10. i feel bad for "the mirror" they will face some rough competition on the market they started, well their product still have some advantagens, i hope both solutions can survive.

  11. Даю знать : мне было бы очень интересно увидеть что-то практическое с этим 🙂

  12. Would love a walk through of hosting a server with W4 and integrating this API. Even if I never use this service, it’s very valuable to see the concepts demonstrated in a new context

  13. juan and W4 try to make money by godot they even didn't said the truth when they said PS & Xbox support is imposible for opensource project like godot and we can see that defold has all support for ps & xbox and its open source as well

  14. Pinch me I'm dreaming 😮🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  15. I would love a hands on! Multiplayer is definitely lacking in Godot so i want to feel hopeful with this. Thanks for showing this!

  16. Godot are really taking advantage of their recent surge in popularity.

  17. Frankly I'd love to see some work being done on P2P networking so that each player could host their own lobbies, with the only thing on a remote server being the list of lobbies. Like in the good old days of 90s multiplayer FPS games.

  18. it will be nice to see simple example of W4 Cloud in action

  19. This looks awesome. Would love to see some content on this just for general knowledge and info

  20. This is potentially very very good for small quick multiplayer godot games

  21. I would love a dedicated video or series on how to use this!

  22. This is fantastic 👌🏻 they even added the automatic matchmaking. Bravo.

  23. Would love a walk through of hosting a server with W4 and integrating this API too but very cool!!

  24. i really like the way they monetize it, it makes perfect sense to offer hosting services

  25. In the first 100 comments for the first time, noice 😁 👌

  26. Any idea on pricing for the servers (if using W4's)?

  27. Would be great to do a basic server setup!

  28. 6:00 Apologies for the wall of text, but I feel this should be clarified a bit.

    (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, the following is not legal advice, I happen to know this because I binge-read Groklaw archives and The Illustrated Guide to Law for funsies. Yes, really.)

    TL;DR: You only need to worry about AGPL compliance if you modify the code covered by the license and distribute or publish it, and even then you could probably just set up a public GitHub repo with your modified AGPL library or even the patches needed to make your library from the original source.

    The GPL (specifically version 2 or newer which has the "Liberty or Death" clause) stipulates that if you modify and publish a GPL-licensed work, you also need to publish the source code to your work under the GPL, not necessarily commit the modifications back to the source work (that said, putting your modifications in a PR at the source repo might be one way to remain compliant, assuming the maintainers accept this).

    The AGPL was created in response to cloud products that don't run on local PCs, like Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, or Autodesk Fusion 360. The concern was that a GPL-licensed application or library could be used in a cloud app, and any corporate lawyer with functioning brain cells would say, "Aha! This isn't distribution, it's running on our servers! No source for you!" and they would likely prevail in court. The AGPL explicitly stipulates that even if it's running on a server in a data center somewhere in the Caymans, if a user is accessing an app derived from an AGPL-licensed app through a public network, that constitutes distribution, and the user is entitled to a copy of the source code. Other than that, it's exactly like the GPL: Anyone is free to use and modify an AGPL-licensed work, but if they publish their modified derivative, they are obligated to publish it under the AGPL along with the source code.

    The reason why some companies like Google don't like the AGPL (and are publishing "criticisms" of it everywhere) is because they have huge libraries of cloud software that may or may not have code derived from AGPL-licensed code in them, everything is interconnected to a ridiculous degree (because of bean counters), and bringing all of that into compliance would be a huge pain and cost, so their lawyers and managers really, really, REALLY don't want people to find any trace of AGPL code in their applications. The irony of this is, every giant cloud company has made trillions of dollars off of GPL software (usually Linux), and because the AGPL says they can't circumvent the license in cloud apps, they're upset that some day, someone can potentially stop them from making more money than most countries' economies off of freely distributed software.

    Generally speaking, the goal of the GPL and its derivatives isn't to make life harder for for-profit companies, it's to protect communities of developers who write software for everyone from abusive businessmen. And we should be glad that this is AGPL-licensed, because if it were GPL-licensed, a company could use it in their multiplayer framework on their servers, without giving anything back to the community that made the software possible in the first place.

  29. wow… on the day Toriyama died… what are the odds

  30. Love that godot is getting more and more popularity

  31. So basically they're gating console development and porting behind a for pay service. Seems kind of disingenuous. Why not build those into the engine?

  32. 6:27 a small correction. You dont have to commit to the original project (pull request). But you have to make the changes available.

  33. Please show us a hands-demo! Thank you very much!

  34. Reminds me Akira Toriyama died a few days ago.

  35. You picked an unfortunate time to use Dragonball as part of your thumbnail (we heard the creator died the day after this video was uploaded)

  36. Wait, let's think in a different way, I know people don't like criticism, but believe me, I don't do it with bad intentions or to threaten someone or to hate someone, as some project leaders of gamma engines think, so they are very powerful when is banning in question because they are used to having answers to all questions and knowing everything and they are the best, I mean godot enzin to open tickets, come on, for me still, but it seems that only the best Unreal is currently arriving on Linux slowly but surely, but let's put after that… let's go back a few steps, here I am writing an application for Android, so a break is enough for me, I'm not going back, but I've started going round and round without a solution for several hours now, so it's time for a break just to introduce something… Godot completely free and open source suddenly founds W4, W4 which gives directX graphic api but for windows computer users only of course, and so much noise about Vulkan, Vulkan, Vulkan of course excellent API much better than directX but the most important thing is why all the games are on the directx api, that is, the developers too because it's really easy to create games and everything is already worked out, Microsoft stands behind it, currently on windows and the Godot engine, the graphics api is selected and that's it, and watch out for miracles got it in one day Godot from W4 half of the people gave it and knows what it is but only at the moment, on this channel it is explained in detail, you can find a video and congratulations on the report, I would have missed it because no one mentions it anymore. DirectX will detach, in my opinion, from Vulkan, as far as new technologies are concerned, because there is a lot to do on Vulcan, much greater control of resources and everything else, but a lot more work….While DirectX is known to developers, all games are on it, easier for use, new technologies, they will come off a lot regarding the latest things that are more adapted and easier to use, Vulkan will stay where it will stay as always where the cronos group is, Mr. Yuan can block me, he doesn't block but bans even those who don't want to to hear a different opinion, everyone is already amining, I want to make a point here now, I just want to say something that is completely free and open source still, that is, perfidiously used, so people, don't look at those fore free forever and the rest, don't be surprised by what regarding the software, look at the conditions offered by this and that, and that's where the story ends, and Unreal is coming on linux and they seriously worked on Vulkan, which Godot screamed about, it's your choice which OS you use, win linux mac, and fore free and open source have become so perfidious, mostly for profit unfortunately. Game Can the be made with a library or a framework, it doesn't matter, and Juan bans me from all Godot communities, talks about him and the team… better to release the documentation about free and open source Godot source code documentation, he says clearly written in the comments? Comments are comments in programming. A little criticism is not out of place, follow directx as it will come off with everything and everyone in relation to the volcano, I'm still on the 3.5.2 verion, there's no need for further, of course good luck in the future business and let me know Linecki, I thought I should write a text for the medium, but come on😉Unblock me linecki

  37. I'm honestly not really sure how I feel about this….and w4 games in general….it has not turned out to be the godot helper as it was touted at launch…and now I worry, when something like this can actually detract from godots own multiplayer development…not talking about server hosting…yeah. I mean it has to make money, that's fine..I get it. but something, maybe it's just me, feels off…since the console stuff HAD to be done outside of godot..that made sense..but now we are seeing odd stuff that could be done in house. That, for me ,is a slippery slope.

  38. When are you going to create your own content and not spend your time reading someone else's post?

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