Vesuvan Drifter! Legacy Sneak & Show — March of the Machine: The Aftermath | Magic The Gathering MTG -

Vesuvan Drifter! Legacy Sneak & Show — March of the Machine: The Aftermath | Magic The Gathering MTG

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Bryant Cook plays Sneak & Show in a League League on Magic: The Gathering Online! These matches were played on: 06/02/23

Sneak & Show is an Izzet Legacy Format Combo deck that aims to win the game by putting in awesome permanents with Show and Tell or Sneak Attack. Griselbrand and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn are the classic big creatures to put into play.

Full of Blue cantrips and countermagic, Sneak & Show is a powerful deck! A new addition to the strategy came with the printing of Vesuvan Drifter from March of the Machine: The Aftermath. With this, another way to pay out our big creatures emerged. Paired with the cantrip suite of Brainstorm, Ponder, and Preordain, stacking the top of the deck has never been easier! Now opponents will need to respect multiple avenues of attack, stretching their answers thin.

Sneak & Show can usually be defined by the traditional core of Sneak Attack, Show and Tell, and then creatures like Griselbrand and Emrakul, Aeons Torn.

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⚡ Deck Tech — 00:00

//———— Matches ————//
Round 1 vs. street-wraith with Superfriends — 00:03:04
Round 2 vs. Muddy15 with Moon Stompy — 00:08:17
Round 3 vs. SenorLarson with Azorius Stoneblade — 00:11:18
Round 4 vs. Peppe with 8-Cast — 00:17:37
Round 5 vs. learntolove6 with Death’s Shadow — 00:26:35

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  2. I havent watched the video yet, but i have almost exactly this deck built. The only difference is that im playing one SSG and two omniscience instead of drifters, and 2 atraxa instead of 2 daze. Hopefully i can get some important information form this video!

  3. does drifter belong in aeon bridge show and tell builds? seems cool to get a phyrexian dreadnought oft of it, but thats not quite a win

  4. I played sneak and show for years and was excited for drifter but it always feels like a clunky win more card. I would even say omniscience might even work better but of course you're gonna have to change the maindeck with some cunning wishes etc.

  5. A guy from my local league who was a reanimator player got tired of losing to graveyard hate and variance and built a shapeshifter deck. It is not exactly like this, it is Dimir and it's much more focused on the shapeshifter, but it's really cool nevertheless.
    I find it ironic because reanimator is arguably the strongest that it ever was. I play delver and I'm sick of losing to double discard on turn 0. Grief may be too strong.
    If I had the sol lands I'd play black helm just for having leyline main deck 🤭

  6. yeah I feel like the plan for drifter is a bit bad and doesn't mesh too well with sneak and show since drifter wants the card on top instead of in hand to power out and you can't just use brainstorm to put drifter on top with a fatty to win since you will have drawn the fatty before it can attack saw that a few times while you played so you have to sometimes pray to magic gods to free flip into it.

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