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Tyler Perry’s ‘House Of Payne’ Season 9 Full Ep 1: “A Wise Man’s Opinion”

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Malik unexpectedly returns home from college to tell his family life-changing news, but before he spills his secret, he turns to Calvin for advice.


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  1. Not ta say this ain't ah good show but do they have ta laugh after every other word!!!?. 🤷🤫 ( Cause Every Word is not funny!!

  2. Malik looks like he's on drugs

  3. That's why you don't have sex outta wedlock

  4. he lost weight; Valerie B Williams Sign Language YouTube


    Luke 4:14
    And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.

  6. You know…I didn't ask for any for anyone opinion but the only reason yall feel that. Is cuz. It's not YOU…
    That's embarrassing and I didn't deserve the embarrassment I didn't do nothing wrong

    Biggest question is why do yall keep helping him do it…
    Yes it's true.
    Leave me be

  7. Now please stop being mean. I really ain't do nothing

  8. I Haven't seen this show in quite some time, but is there something wrong with the sons Face? His skin looks a little strange to me.

  9. I love this show. Only thing is they drag same conversations too long and it don’t look natural anymore. But other than that I love it so funny.

  10. Uncle Curtis 😂🤣😭😭😂😂🤣😭🤍

  11. Is that the make that make the oldest son look like he on drugs , hard life or old or is that even the same actor!!????

  12. Somebody wake me when we find out what the issue is, please.

  13. This the first time that I watched HOP in a long time. It made me sad. It made me remember how unsupportive a lot of black families are & why I left my own to start a new life. It's the primary reason other races always have & always will look down on us. I wouldn't want advice or anything else from "Uncle Curtis." I will never watch again. It's the same with TP old plays. I remember back in the day he used to say crack baby this & crack baby that. Truly talented people don't do it at the expense of others. I know that he's popular. Wide is the gate that leads to H3!! because many go that way. I don't expect you all to understand. I'm letting the algorithm know that I didn't like this video & not to recommend similar ones. It was disgusting & heartbreaking to watch but I did watch til the end hoping that it would get better. If I were Malik I would never speak to "Uncle Curtis" again. What's sad though is that a lot of black families are this way. It's not funny in real life or on TV. Like I said it is the primary reason that other races frown on us.👎🏿

  14. Tell him to open the Door so you can Cook

  15. Malik look like he doing whatever his mommy was doing

  16. Ok imma say it. Damn this is terrible. This show use to be so good. Seems like it’s all the same actors but the script is so TERRIBLE it’s like the actors don’t even know what to do with it. Ugh. Took 500 years to even establish the conflict. That’s the problem with all of Tyler’s newer work. He’s trying so hard to be funny, that it takes a turn quickly. Most of his work is just one long madea movie. Most of which feel like they were written by those Instagram and vine “comedians”.

    I will say all the comments about the actor who play’s Malik appearance is so ridiculous. Last time we saw him he was significantly heavier. Maybe he just lost weight! Or maybe he’s going through something. Why we gotta point it out?

  17. Great TV show I from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

  18. Mmmm I know this young man is grown but he doesn't look the same 😒🧐🤢 I grew up off the show

  19. Yes she is what I would give just to hug her

  20. Damn. Doc Shaw's weight loss is incredible. Had trouble recognizing him

  21. Who runs ads that are from companies that has been proven racially charged with hateful attitudes towards blacks! This is Tyler Perry’s sitcom? Why is he promoting Starbucks? This s so freaking useless trying to fight racism while you promote the alleged racist? 😮

  22. damn malik looks older then his people whos playing his parents damnnnnnnn he looks like he is in his most 40s

  23. It is good actors game. All sentances are clear, dialogue and emotions is fine. It is good tv show to study English

  24. BET must’ve paid Tyler alot of money for this show and since nobody watching on tv they posting it on youtube lol. Get your money BET

  25. I remember being 'out there's too in college. Good ol' days!!!!!!!

  26. Wow good think I didn’t pay for this cuz Tyler shows are getting Terrible . They weren’t like this before . I’d rather go back and watch the old house of Payne’s

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