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Turn my Game from Single Player to BATTLE ROYALE?

Lokin LEE
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A Ball-like Only Up! game. Can the lobby handle 100 players?
The Multiplayer mode will be there soon (in Steam’s Demo), I will post it on Steam.
Check this to know what is in the game:

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  1. Subscribe OR Watch this https://youtu.be/5woW1lMDXn4
    The game demo is updated!!! You can try the multiplayer mode on Steam now!
    Please let me know if you have any ideas or comments about the game.😜

  2. Turned out great! Thanks for the shoutout too 🙂

  3. Can I already play the game online with friends? Did u already update the game?

  4. Do you play any games or just make them? Just curious.

  5. maybe add an option where people can allow custom skins so that friends can have fun making their own skins. but i understand if you dont want that. but if you do add it, it could either be an option while you start hosting your game or people can enable custom skins in their own settings, the settings option is better in my opinion

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