Top 3 Free Apps to Watch Movies - 100% Legal Apps -

Top 3 Free Apps to Watch Movies – 100% Legal Apps

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In today’s quick video, I show you my top 3 free apps to watch movies as well as the best apps to watch free movies. All three of these apps do not require you to create an account to stream movies. However, if you do create a free account, the app can personalize your experience and recommend movies and shows you most likely will enjoy.

Crackel, Tubi and Plex are all free movies apps that are available on mobile devices as well as smart devices like smart TV’s, tablets, PC’s etc. They are free to download from the App store, Google Play store or through your smart devices app section. They all contain thousands of free movies and make it easy to locate the movies you want to watch by using the search feature or category section.

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed today’s quick video on my top 3 free apps to watch movies as well as the best apps to watch free movies. If you found this video helpful, please consider giving it a like, feel free to comment (I respond to all comments) and subscribe for more future informative videos.

Please note all three of these apps are completely 100% legal and free streaming services.


  1. Only the last one is working, and there is less movie available

  2. My favorite movie is resident evil afterlife thanks for advice my friend now I'm can watching any action movies without pay anything 190 SAR don't wasting your own money 😂💵!

  3. What can be the issue if it's not casting to your tv?

  4. Liar when you search something it won't even come up 😠

  5. Can I watch here a movie that just released?

  6. These apps are no longer available on iPhone

  7. which one of them you can change to different languages subtitles ?

  8. all totally useless 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  9. Ok ima be honest with y’all culnissgoal is a good app for movies tv shows and etc now listen I only been using it for a couple of hours, yes it has ads but not too many as far from what I see I’ve been watch stranger things, euphoria, Wensday and Cazy in love it has a lot more things like she hulk and the grinch, etc. (this is not a sponsored)

  10. Thank you so much! Now i can wath all the movies i like.

  11. none of this app are in playtore😥

  12. Hey
    I downloaded tubi it's good
    But I tried searching
    Avatar the way of water but I can't find it

  13. Is there any movie app where you can actually see a hard to find movie,not use your email & not have to pay a fee?and actually find a movie without going through so many channels?no ads & stuff?

  14. I installed plex but most of the movies and series i searched didn't play because i came across something saying "There are no locations currently available for this title" so i want to know if you have any idea what this means and a possible solution for it

  15. Zaviramon for ios is the best it will show 5-10 sec ads at the begining and thats it no more ads in between your movie

  16. I have the TUBI app, and I have the WODFIX app I did have the crackle app but I uninstalled it because of the crashing and freezing when they fix those two bugs I will reinstall crackle again

  17. None worked and ask money to show and subscription

  18. this will help me so much when sleeping, thank you so much!

  19. Downloaded tubi, searched spiderman and got six results that has nothing to do with spiderman, deleted it

  20. Thanks I think this video is awesome I recommend plex crackle is good but not that much good shows or movies b2b no rating didn’t find it in the App Store plex is the best

  21. Thank u so much I downloaded them they are the BEST 👌 ❤

  22. Hi! Does crackle (or any of these apps) have Harry Potter?

  23. Thank you! Just what I needed x

  24. Tubi does not hace good movies tbh. Idk if They dont play them anymore but there is no Spiderman, Shrek or May clasics

  25. Crackle and tubi are not available in my country 😪

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