TOP 10 Sonic Fan Games You Should Be Playing RIGHT NOW! -

TOP 10 Sonic Fan Games You Should Be Playing RIGHT NOW!

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What are you waiting for? Comment down below what your favorite Fan game is!

Fan Games found in this video:

Crisis City & Adventure Pack Infinity Engine:

Sonic Network World:

Sonic Journey:

Sonic Speed Course:

Sonic 3 A.I.R.:

Sonic Advance Revamped:

Sonic Beyond the Speed:

Sonic VS Darkness:

Sonic Islands:
2018 Demo –

2019 Demo –

Sonic GT:

Sonic Quantum Collision:

Tails Adventure Armada:

Sonic Adventure Chronicles:

(Still looking for animators, modelers, HUD/GUI creators, Blaze VA)

Project Hero:

Bit Quest Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. What website do you play Sonic your project hero I've been looking for it I cannot find it

  2. Noneyabusinesses Still Noneyabusinesses says:

    You forgot Sonic Robo Blast 2! How dare you!

  3. Sonic 2020 was also part of the infinity engine and I’m pretty sure they were original stages

  4. bro i cannot play infinity engine, how do u download?

  5. I would love to play sonic GT! is there a way to play on mac?

  6. I can't play Fan games powered by Unreal Engine 4.So That Says That I'm crazy.

  7. Imagine the irony of Blaze getting a fire shield.

  8. So what you're saying about the crisis city port….
    Worked exactly like the original game?

  9. Why isn't Final Fantasy Sonic X, Sonic RPG or Wave Sonic EXE listed?

  10. I'm just looking for free sonic fan games lmao

  11. At this point. SEGA should just hire everyone here. I dont know why they are failing where these games are just thriving.

  12. its 2020 1 opinion will basically get you a death sentence

    to elaborate people may hate you or bash on you for an opinion

  13. What's the music playing during Project Hero, I know I've heard it for sure but I cant remember the name

  14. I liked the story of sonic 06 it’s just the gameplay glitch’s if it was fixed would’ve Been in my top 10

  15. have you heard of sonic time twisted though? it is a very good sonic 3 / sonic CD esc game on gamejolt

  16. When u said it’s not a classic game the word u said was funny

  17. the only game is Mario on Roblox lol is super Roblox fighters is the only game is Mario lol in sonic to that keep picking sonic bc his fast and doge things lol

  18. Part of me fills hurt that there is no SRB2

  19. Your right I should be playing these games right now but I’m a kid I’m 6 so I have to ask my dad but idk which game to pick there all sooo good

  20. You missed the most important game, Sonic Chrono Adventure 😉

  21. Why are all of these better than mania and forces

  22. Sonic gt is better then sonic project hero change my mind

  23. you know ? the fans do what sega don't.

  24. I love it how you put the infinite theme because its infinite fan games and you can never escape

  25. Me who has a terrible PC that can barely run Roblox: Interesting.

  26. I thought you were bullshiting on sonic GT but it is now one of my favorite sonic games ever . They really got the camera mechanics and gameplay down but the thing that suprised me was how good the level design you are always going the right way unlike a certain over bloomed infinity engine game this one actually shows you where to go but also gives you a good sense of direction

  27. still active! new subscriber!…nice vid i should download these right away…idk what to say soooo
    yeah bye!

  28. I found another great sonic fan game, "Sonic.Exe: Nightmare Beginning"

  29. Man those fan who making a fan game about sonic must been working

    I thingking why not sega work they and making game together

  30. Sonic.exe : why you bully me

  31. i just want unleashed remastered… my fav by fav

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