TOP 10 Sonic Fan Games You Should Be Playing RIGHT NOW! -

TOP 10 Sonic Fan Games You Should Be Playing RIGHT NOW!

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What are you waiting for? Comment down below what your favorite Fan game is!

Fan Games found in this video:

Crisis City & Adventure Pack Infinity Engine:

Sonic Network World:

Sonic Journey:

Sonic Speed Course:

Sonic 3 A.I.R.:

Sonic Advance Revamped:

Sonic Beyond the Speed:

Sonic VS Darkness:

Sonic Islands:
2018 Demo –

2019 Demo –

Sonic GT:

Sonic Quantum Collision:

Tails Adventure Armada:

Sonic Adventure Chronicles:

(Still looking for animators, modelers, HUD/GUI creators, Blaze VA)

Project Hero:

Bit Quest Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. Oh for sure I'm playing A.I.R later but for which one I liked more I have no idea they all look amazing

  2. Sonic 06 is one of my favourite games of all time because I played it hours on end as a kid but going back to it now makes me want to put a bullet through my head

  3. The best thing about project hero is my computer can actually run it.

  4. seeing all of this made me tear up a little, if only official stuff was this good

  5. The sonic fanbase is probably the most talented fanbase out there and I mean THE most talented!

  6. is there a way to play infinity engine on chrome book? beacause thats all i have a nd either my computer blows up or its not allowed on chrome os

  7. Sonic GT is incredible. I am loving it. Thanks for the recommendation

  8. Well see here's the thing I have a phone and a switch and no pc

  9. “You should be crazy not playing!”
    Games that don’t work with Macs: crazy. right…

  10. bro u should make a new list. i played these a year ago and now im playing the newer sonic fan games for example Sonic Omens and it is so much fun

  11. garrulous: the games you would be crazy if you are not player rn. (NUMBER 10) infinity engine. me my computer not power full enough

  12. when i install the games on the vid it turns into photo shop

  13. 8:03
    I feel like Nintendo has like a 10 person team that just has the job of looking high and low for things that have so much as 2 pixels of Super Mario and delete it for no apparent reason.

  14. Hey Garrolus, what laptop are you playing these games on? Im looking to upgrade from mine.

  15. 5:34 isn't that based of that one shitty bootleg sonic mascot costume from china

  16. Sonic and Shadow done did something illiegal… ITS CALLED DEVIANT ARe aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. I wish I could play these games but I don't have a pc

  18. I love Sonic, but I prefer playing games for the story. SEGA, please make games with more story. And for goodness sake, give us a game about Sally Acorn!!!

  19. i recently opened and starting playing these

  20. Garrulous64: Please don’t make anything based of Sonic 4.
    Me: Preparing a 32 bit remake styled like Sonic mania like the Modern Sonic 2.0 mod.

  21. My guy, how do you not have 1M yet??? Your a amazing youtuber

  22. I'm so glad Sega is not Nintendo. I'll never regret playing Sonic or owning a Genesis with CD and 32X, good times.

  23. Sega has some trouble in making of sonic games.
    Wonder when a new release is going to be good.

  24. Where do I even begin? How am I able to play all these dope sonic fan games from SAGE??

  25. I really enjoyed project hero, but the fact that some moves require you to left/right click makes the game kinda annoying to control. especially if you're using a touchpad.

  26. I think if he was making the top 10 in 2021/2022, Sonic Omens would’ve been really close to top 1.

  27. The only game my computer can start is Sonic Network Land.

  28. Sonic beyond the speed when you wrote it I read it as BTS band

  29. The scariest Sonic enemies: the ghosts from Studiopolis

  30. wait sonic network land play with freinds oh wait i have none

  31. I tried playing project hero and my pc was dying

  32. 1:00 fun fact, that engine was used for the game sonic omens. If u havent played it already, you should check it out! Its an awesome game

  33. You really should have included Sonic Utopia…

  34. Hi so i love sonic but i haven't played a lot of games only mario and sonic olimpics
    Should i try the classic sonic games on mobile ? I will but should i

  35. i downloaded sonic network world but it wont open

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