Top 10 High Graphics Games for Android & iOS 2022 (Offline/Online) | New Games for Android -

Top 10 High Graphics Games for Android & iOS 2022 (Offline/Online) | New Games for Android

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Hey Guys, Today I will show the list of Top 10 new Android & iOS Games of 2022 which have High Graphics, In this video we included new title from different genres like battle royale, open world, shooting, fps game, offline game, adventure, action & MMORPG.
Top 10 Games list:-
Sunken century (Use VPN Singapore to Download it from Playstore)

Polygon Fantasy Android:-
iOS:-Coming Soon

One hand clapping

iOS:-Coming Soon

Mimicry: Online Horror

El Dorado Android:-

Tower of fantasy (Beta test will close soon, also make bilibili account required for login)

Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie

Hyper front (beta) available only in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Thailand

Noah’s heart (beta test will close on 27 December)

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  1. Most games in this list does not have high graphics.😡

  2. Subscribe to down to top he is really awesome

  3. Ur the best i always want ur new release games

  4. You can add Stardrew Valley to top offline games! If you wish

  5. Ur game selections now r very poor …. B4 ur game recommendations were op

  6. Yeay I can't play any of these due to some certain issues because of my location or my device! 😀

  7. I needed this. Codm has reached a point of no return of meta and melee abusers. Fortnite wants every player to buy a PC. supercell games are pay to win.

  8. "Can we have Roblox at home"
    Roblox at home: REWORLD

    "Can we have valorant atleast"
    Valorant at home: hyperfront

  9. I extremely hate that mmorpgs have become like genshin impact. Wtf would anyone want to play as an Asian anime toon over the classics like in WoW? Maybe when they finally release diablo immortal we will have a good mobile rpg.

  10. Does the Tower of Fantasy have an English version

  11. I only saw like 3 demanding games for the whole top what a clickbait

  12. Hey Down to Top.
    Don't forget about the NEW call of duty mobile 😁💙💜🧡

  13. Honestly, Reworld is just a copy paste.
    The animation… Is just mehhh

  14. Would love to play these games, only problem is my phone can't handle it.

  15. I hope archosaur dosent disappoint ,im waiting for noahs heart very patiently

  16. Great video as always , please is there a way we can contact you about a game that we think would be nice to be featured?

  17. This channel is will be global as more and more mobile games getting advanced and popular,, keep up the grind mate

  18. I stil cant belive games on mobile sre from game with best grafics on mobile is genshi inpact and best mehanics not 1 game can even vome close to it and its sad

  19. mimicry is so fun when play thank you for saying this games

  20. Down To Top fake voice computer generated 🤣🤣

  21. Your video is very helpful unlike other videos nice😃👍.Mobile legends adventure is a nice game thanks😁.

  22. Plzz make a top 10 vedio of marvel games for android under 500mb offline plzzz.

  23. Please tell me your intro background music of this video 🥺

  24. Hard log in game tower of fantasy, needed id chinese card for log in

  25. Can you do offline games with maybe open world ?:D

  26. I love your videos 💓can make a video on relaxing games?

  27. Useless…. Outdated and time waste. We need something like Northgard

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