Top 10 Free Games on Windows 10 Store with Gamepad -

Top 10 Free Games on Windows 10 Store with Gamepad

Mandeep Sahni
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Top 10 Free Games on Windows 10 Store with Gamepad

Here are the top 10 Free Windows 10 Store Games which you can play using a gamepad or a game controller.

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  1. u have forza horizon 4 demo and forza horizon 3 demo for free but thats for a bit more better pcs

  2. This Indian (probably) man knows every game better than professionals

  3. hello can u explain how can i do it in my pc. my game pad works but not with a windows store game can u help me please?

  4. Bro modern combat 5 nhi chl ra game pad se

  5. Love from Nepal🇳🇵…
    Brother,, after watching this video I have downloaded asphalt 9 in my PC i.e Windows 10, but my gamepad is not working for this game. and also I couldn't find any gamepad option in the control section, there is only a keypad option.., how to fix this problem?

  6. can i play asphalt 9 with ps4 controller? i heard only support xbox

  7. Which web site you download the games for pc ?

  8. Asphalt 9 not showing any gamepad settings or it shows only keyboard option please

  9. Hi, how to connect Quantum Gamepad on Asphalt 9, it's not showing any other game controller.. please suggest.

  10. Are there any multiplayer games supported on windows 10 using gamepad?

  11. You did not show Minecraft education edition and Roblox!!!

  12. Can you play these with Xbox 360 game pad?

  13. does any of these games has vibration feedback?

  14. How to play beach buggy game with controller it's not working

  15. in which of these games dos the xbox controller vibrate

  16. How to connect the gamepad to laptop to play this games my gamepad is enter company's gamepad

  17. I donot know how to set it up with ,Minion Rush cant find the settings

  18. high climb doesn't work with Gamepad. Bad video.

  19. I love how Indians are becoming more and even more smart when it comes to thinking, books and technology👍

  20. Beach racing game not supporting my game pad

  21. You laptop is so outdated in the video. Better update it

  22. i have a problem
    i have downloaded these games but i cannot play them with the controller please make a video on this topic

  23. I bet u to check your laptops temperature 😂😂

  24. Hill Climb Racing and beach buggy not working with gamepad beach cuggy not sopprting and hill climb no option

  25. if you make a list of the games in the description, it will be lot more easy….otherwise we have to move back and forth in the video

  26. Nice video mate I love it and content too 👌👌

  27. Fvck b1tc4 dont you know how to give time stamps

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