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Top 10 Browser-Based First Person shooter games to play, directly in your browser with no download.
►NEW UPDATED 2016 Top 10 Browser FPS Games Video With New Awesome Games!

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
Top 10 List
Note: Some games have switched to download after publish date of this video.

0:27 10 Verdun –
1:01 9 Rush Team –
1:29 8: Offensive Combat – Alternative:
2:12 7: Die2Hard: Shut down
2:54 6: Begone:
3:43 5: CS portable:
4:28 4: Ballistic:
5:16 3: Red Crucible 2:
6:21 2: Contract Wars:
7:22 1: Warface:
(used to be browser based when I released this video.)


  1. rush team gets money like evryon other website by add revenu everyime someone goes to the website which u have to do to play the game … D:

  2. Verdun pretty much looks like The first call of duty.

  3. from which website I can play these games?????

  4. how warface is browser i just go to download and its 8gb !

  5. Thanks for the vid now ill hace lots of fun!

  6. my mom told me to stop watching online games or she will slap the keyboard in my face
    i don't think she would do that
    aoisepqw rq pjr[qwjrqew[oriqwi0r[0-412038wjrpqowrwpoqu

  7. I used to play warface until they changed software, I lost my gold ak ;-;

  8. lol i like the Call of Duty gun thumbnail for a "browser based FPS game" video

  9. in rush team, its great but i have the cursor lag from CS:GO. Does anyone know how to fix? I already tried the setting and that didn't work.

  10. You Have to download these games from steam i have a chromebook…

  11. Cod advanced warfare ain't a browser game.
    I got click baited so did you

  12. rc2 was my MOST favorite game EVER but i dose not exist anymore sadly

  13. Ballistic is not free/ Warface requires installation

  14. You put advanced warfare as the thumbnail

  15. Lol if u know where to get stuff, you won't get viruses from pirating games.

  16. In what he bases to rate the games? They all look the same.

  17. the first video i saw by you. 4 years past fast

  18. Warface does take a download and it is over 3 Gb

  19. Red Crucible was the best, dont work anymore on browser😭

  20. I just Downloaded Warface I dont care i just wanna play it

  21. red crucible firestorm 😛 that game is good so good is better than operation7 thanks you misterninjaboy i like your video is useful for find a game browser becausei have a low pc and on browser no game lag chrome is good 😛

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