Top 10 Best FREE PHOTOSHOP Alternatives in 2022 | Guiding Tech -

Top 10 Best FREE PHOTOSHOP Alternatives in 2022 | Guiding Tech

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Are you looking for a free Photoshop alternative in 2021? Well, today, we will be talking about the top 10 best free Adobe Photoshop alternatives, both online and offline that you should definitely check out!

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Download Apps:
Photoshop Express:
Photoscape X:
Photo Pos Pro:
RAW Therapee:


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  1. Photopea is the one who similar with adobe photoshop, i hope they change photopea into a program that actually can run like pc software

  2. I am surprised he didn't mention Canva. For me it's been pretty great at helping me figure out some of the basics of photo editing.

  3. Is there any free Watermark remover that you would reommned guys?

  4. awesome thanks to you…
    to find out these

  5. I want to be a photo editor but i have no clue where to start so can anyone help me by telling which would be the best alternative for ps and beginner friendly OfCourse free too

  6. Thanks for the extra emphasis on Photopea being photoshop lol

  7. Such a strong Indian accent is very annoying. He never tried to drop at least some of that accent. 😛

  8. Can I remove objects or add things like hair in any of these?

  9. Great video! Right to the point! Thanks for skipping all the bla-bla-bla!

  10. Can we crop out image, make layers and add textbox behind images in darktavle?

  11. can I add a person to a photo with one of these apps?

  12. ty as always and your videos are amazing as always

  13. note, it's PhotoPea not PhotoP. I searched for PhotoP and couldn't find it at all

  14. As a Photoshop user I checked out Photopea out of curiosity and to my surprise if you drop a PSD into it, it just works and really is Photoshop 😀

  15. Echo too much? How about foam pads, or sheets outside camera view?

  16. Always the Indian guy helping with tech and math problems 👍

  17. helpful video, thanks for quick rundowns

  18. Legend tysm! I use PhotoPea now that I can't afford Adobes pricing

  19. Yure right God indeed has been a blessing to them and has made them a blessing to the world 🙏🙏🙏😌

  20. Hey dude thanks I was trying to look for a free photoshop app!

  21. Yes, the Indian guy has came to save us all

  22. PhotoPea was great for what I needed !
    Just needed to add one picture inside of the other pic, thank you for posing this video – it made my project take like 5 min instead of much longer. TY <3

  23. Very helpful. Saved for future reference.

    Thank you!

  24. Hello,

    I know I’m five years after you posted this video, but
    which of the free programs allow you to create animations for spinning tumblers?

    Thank you in advance.

  25. how do you get high resolution images when zoomed in in photopea? they always are so pixilated

  26. am here just to put the roblox man face on john wick ty

  27. im just looking to crop/cut out images anyone know which app is best?

  28. Okay so as a returning content creator I am unable to afford adobe (tho i prefer it but would use mac products if i had them) and i had a struggle finding programs besides Paint tool Sai which is more digital artwork and Krita which is a lot like the same but closer to photoshop personally, but Photo Pos should do exactly what I need it to do

    Everyone else kept offering things that I cant splice images into other images (you know, not just photo correction) so this was really helpful

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