This Should Be ILLEGAL...FREE Kazakusan Treasures! | Hearthstone -

This Should Be ILLEGAL…FREE Kazakusan Treasures! | Hearthstone

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Asbousltey no one is playing this cool new deck. Quest Kazakusan Demon Hunter seems like it wouldn’t work, but between glides and the discounted treasures the deck rolls through other Kaz decks along with Combo Decks.

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### Quest Kazakusan Demon Hunter
# Class: Demonhunter
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Gryphon
# 2x (1) Double Jump
# 1x (1) Final Showdown
# 2x (1) Illidari Studies
# 2x (1) Sigil of Alacrity
# 2x (2) Chaos Strike
# 2x (2) Immolation Aura
# 2x (2) Sigil of Flame
# 2x (2) Soul Shear
# 2x (2) Spectral Sight
# 2x (3) Acrobatics
# 2x (3) Chaos Leech
# 2x (3) Eye Beam
# 2x (4) Glide
# 2x (5) Need for Greed
# 2x (6) Skull of Gul’dan
# 1x (8) Kazakusan
Quest Kazakusan Demon Hunter | Standard Hearthstone | Fractured In Alterac Valley


  1. A little tip on the intro. This is maybe a me-thing but I'll throw the idea anyway.Instead of showing the "spoiler" that you got the lethal. How about you cut it before showing that you got the alakir? That would more interesting towards watching the whole video as in expecting the outcome of that intro clip!Also I don't think kazakus is a bad card, people are hating it too much. It did change the whole meta but I think the actual main problem is druid in general

  2. Kazakusan is rly fun, i think most people just hate how druid is the same every meta, and the insane ramp potential with guff

  3. Skull of guldan is odd to have in that deck, too expensive

  4. Try the list used by hunterace in grandmasters, looks better than this one to me

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