This Mod Brings Back The Haunted KARL in The Long Drive?! -

This Mod Brings Back The Haunted KARL in The Long Drive?!

Camodo Gaming
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This Mod Brings Back The Haunted KARL in The Long Drive?! Today Camodo Gaming looks for the Diesel in The Long Drive game. This is an apocalyptic driving game like Jalopy.

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  1. would be pretty cool if there was a police Karl named kop

  2. I love this series man I've been with is since the beginning,
    love the new intro as well,
    karl is awesome.

  3. how did they fix it? and why was karl gone

  4. !!! At 12 minutes into the vid that’s where you left Christine

  5. I’m back my old phone exploded so here we are again: wanna play? I know good tips and tricks

  6. Day 1 of asking camodo to make a tutorial on how to get mods

  7. this was a shame that i forgot which way is the correct way to go but those poles shouldn't be left should be right side i think you might be going wrong way

  8. oh a giant trud i wana play whith it hahahaa

  9. Take the fuel out of the gas container and take the diesel out of the truck and fuel the bug

  10. You’re on the mountain episode where you lost Christine

  11. Hey Camodo when you use a spray paint and it is empty if you find a new spray paint if you hold the old one and press ( R ) it will refill the spray paint

  12. No reason to keep it a secret in the video when you spoiled it in the title and thumbnail

  13. This is now camoto's 3rd different different intro

  14. and better yet, it works with the volkswagon luckily

  15. it would be cool if karl acted like the cops but chases you no matter what

  16. you should go back to the idea of making a long trailer line, you could use mods to allow the hp to carry like a 100 mobile bases

  17. I love your void’s a least Karl is bak I’m sudscided to your Chanel comodo gaming😂

  18. Not the buggggggg whyy you just voided it r.i.p bug

  19. could someone send me the link to the ragdoll video please?

  20. by the way, can you install a mod for a VAZ 2106 car in the long game?

  21. Love ur vids your one ofe the best if not the best youtuber ever keep it up

  22. There is a new update you may want to cheak out, there is some new stuff in game.

  23. I wanted Karl back and I happy Camodo found a mod for Karl

  24. In the movie Mr bean there's a car just like Karl

  25. You can drive the Karls at the stops

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