There's a Problem With Genshin Impact Lore... -

There’s a Problem With Genshin Impact Lore…

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What do you think? do you like this kinda video? What’s your opinions on the lore?


I love the quests I just wish there was more, and better accessibility!

I love playing Genshin Impact, especially on stream, so feel free to come and watch the story unfold with us!

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00:00-00:25 INTRO
00:26-00:55 SPONSOR
01:37-03:50 THE 4 TYPES OF QUESTS
05:22-06:21 VISION QUESTS
08:31-09:43 WORLD QUESTS
09:44-10:46 CONCLUSIONS

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  1. All of these concepts are really solid and would be extremely great!! Now I wish they'd implement these..

  2. I hope they add replayable events soon and give players the option to download (and delete) them to not unnecessarily consume storage space. Tears of Themis, another one of Hoyo's games, already has this feature when they rerun major events. They also have the option to download and delete main story chapters if we ever want to experience them again. Hopefully, Genshin also implements this in the future.

  3. Don't you think the sibbling quest brings their part of informations about the abyss and other stuff from the past? I feel like it's a point you didn't have developp enough in my opinion. Also it was a great video, i agreed on the " vision quest " since it wouldn't be to difficult to block the elemental skills from characters and to dive more in their lores than testing them. It would also fit for a better marketing point for the potential future skins (Diluc's one for example)

  4. I see so many people wish to replay past events, but I guess HYV will never give an opportunity to do this. Genshin is about "here and now". Event stories bring character banners of current interest with them. At that moment when you fall in love with a character, you want to pull for them most💸💸 .Obviously it won't be beneffitial to allow you skip limited story, because they want you were addicted to play every day. And they are pretty succesful at this point. I wish they could add something interesting, but it is already a heavy [mobile] game. Any type of new content takes another 10GB of storage. Genshin community also has to be mentioned, beacuse they put event stories on youtube, they make lore analysis. I think HYV just see no need in doing more job which is already "done".

  5. I think the way past quest resources can be removed now on mobile, it will pave way for additional content for newer versions.

  6. I very much agree with all of your suggestions, especially the vision quests🤩🙌🏻 I’ve been playing for as long as you, and honestly if it was’nt for Ashikai and other lore content creators, much of the lore content would probably be totally lost on me.

  7. You confused me about Diluc's past because you linked the manga and Diluc receiving his vision when they are not actually linked.
    Diluc received his vision as a little kid, long before his dad's dying or the manga's event.. him receiving his vision is not linked to a sad story either.
    Kaeya is the one who received his vision the day Crepus's died, when he fought with Diluc.
    Diluc actually abandon his vision to the knight this day (and receive it back 4 years later from Kaeya when he came back in Mondstadt)

    I actually quite like the "tell not show" theme of Genshin sometimes because it seem very realist, when you are looking for answers about history in real life, you have to look for those informations and read a lot because you can't live it yourself. I also like the fact that some times, the lore you learn in game is actually from unreliable narator and you learn later that it was actually lies or errors. It's interesting.. i only hope that the actual lore will be said clearly eventually.

  8. Totally agree with you Bran. But personally I don't think hoyoverse would really make quests about stories that happened before the travelers arrived in Teyvat, including something like vision quests (although I'd love that type of quest too). Genshin’s current quests all revolve around the travelers, so a quest that completely jumps out of their perspective is not in line with the current game design.

  9. I totally agree with everything u say!!
    Please mihoyo see this!!!

  10. the lore is not that confusing, for me the confusing part is the theories that people come up with

  11. My dream would be to finish the game one day and then get it on a console to be able to play it all in one go again. And to simply have it. Well, we'll see. 🙂

  12. Yup, I'm definitely interested in vision quests. Playing as the character would be great! Or the GAA 2 format is fine, too.

    I noticed all these snippets of Kazuha and immediately checked description. I knew it was Bob editing this. Good taste 😀

  13. Genshin devs simply refuse to be good at storytelling and shot themselves in the foot. Cases on point among many:

    – Not letting the traveler voice their mouth in story when they have the VAs for it (And no, the traveler is NOT a backgroundless silent protag)
    – Illusion of multiple choice, when most of the time said options are full sentence split into parts.
    – Too many discrepancies of worldbuilding, where you do not see anyone other than you gliding around in teyvat, or use the teleport waypoint. It's a case of "show, don't tell" being neglected.
    – Seven nations with seven different culture and aesthetics (naming, social structures, etc), and yet everybody uses one common language, behave similiarly to one another as if the difference is never there.
    – a big organization like fatui making a mess in every nation, inflicting casualties and offended many groups, and no one ever thought of going to war against them.

    I could go on. It doesn't stop there. Some of you can point out more, I am sure.

  14. idk if you already know this but, the upcoming anime will be about Archon War and Khaenriah destruction, so i dont think they need to add anything related to the game

  15. i think most of people who love story agree with you and yeah i'm one of them. pls don't juge me about this, from my expirence Mihoyo/Hoyoverses that i stay with them for a long time enough, they have the thing like development in themself more than before even they have a lot of Problem and it still piss me off many time till this day. but i have to admit it that thay leraning, yes, even it so slow and i think i never see relationship and impact between player, comunity, game and developer like this before. that's my openion.

  16. In my opinion on how the genshin lore should be represented


  17. 8:54 No you don't understand. It took me around 12 hours to do the aranara questline and i skipped EVERYTHING😂😂

  18. I've set up chapters for this video! Please make sure to watch each part to get the full picture! And let me know your thoughts below 👀

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