There's a Problem With Genshin Impact Lore... -

There’s a Problem With Genshin Impact Lore…

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What do you think? do you like this kinda video? What’s your opinions on the lore?


I love the quests I just wish there was more, and better accessibility!

I love playing Genshin Impact, especially on stream, so feel free to come and watch the story unfold with us!

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00:00-00:25 INTRO
00:26-00:55 SPONSOR
01:37-03:50 THE 4 TYPES OF QUESTS
05:22-06:21 VISION QUESTS
08:31-09:43 WORLD QUESTS
09:44-10:46 CONCLUSIONS

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  1. Just wanted to comment again to sum up my first comment, Quests should present lore better and be more fun with lots of combat or exploration but I don't think the books and hidden notes should be removed or stop getting added the entire excitement of finding them and putting things together is just really fun and people like ashikai make lore vids for people who don't want to do that

  2. This game shoulda been an anime from the start. Cuz The action rpg elements of the game r kinda sad nowadays imo. Like I’m only playing for the main quests and pretty characters

  3. One thing that I wish they do is quests that doesn't involve the traveler. Genshin impact is always in the traveler's eyes so we rarely see what it's like without the traveler there. I would love to see a quest about the harbingers and ONLY the harbingers…

  4. Σαββινίδης Γεώργιος says:

    could not agree more with you. Also those vision-memory quest is an awesome idea

  5. The most jarring experience in regards to world quests not being voiced was for sure the main Chasm quest, especially since in the middle of it you also did the Archon one with Dain. Going back and forth between non voiced content and voiced while pretty much doing the same thing (exploring the Chasm) really sucked.

  6. Absolutely love the idea of having these vision quests, I wanna know what happened to them to get their visions

  7. I totally agree about nilous story quest. Yeah we get to see how she interacts in these situations and witness her beliefs in action, but yeah, didn't learn nothing too new about her, herself otherwise. Kinda boring imo tbh, I skipped through dialogue so fast (still read it, just didn't let voicelines play)

  8. I think they're going to explain the lore in more detail in upcoming anime

  9. I agree with pretty much everything, except that some characters don't have to have a backstory to show, i think characters like Nilou or Yelan are characters that just exist, they are not super important but they are endearing, and the best way show that is with how they live every day

  10. Im just asking one thing…we need a CONCRETE keqing and qiqi story quest…

  11. Sometimes I don't mind the story quests being about npcs if they're well done and if they show how the character interacts with people and reacts to situations, it can still be a way to get to know them. Otherwise I agree especially on the world quests, imagine if the aranas were voiced :')

  12. I prefer to read 10 pages of essay about the lore rather than doing the Aranyaka quest. It took soo much time. I dont even able to play genshin for more than one hour per day, dude.

  13. Here’s the thing.. genshin IS not Elderscrolls which is multiple MASSIVE GAMES… and MORE.. genshin is the only game and not even finished AND is limit by game mechanics and needing to push thru the overall main story… the bright side is.. WE’RE GETTING AN ANIME..LETS GO… this means it will be free from restrictions of being a game.. and it would allow in-depth backstories if all characters even npc.. u could muller episode for example if Eula’s family history then here as a child then repeat/reworked story we got of her in game… being an anime unlike a game it frees us from only following the MCs perspective.. and “filler” so to speak could be just more npcs an 4star character backstories and/or current lives while the MC is on downtime or whatever.. so I do get why we don’t get certain things we want more off an etc.. sadly it’s restrictions that come with being a GAME not a manga or anime… note hoyoverse is it’s own publisher and developer so they literally don’t have to rush and meet dead lines that others though when devs aren’t also the person publishers… so I feel or get the sense they aren’t going all out with the game lore as we’d want.. it’s all gonna go crazy with the anime.. thus why I’m just casually playing the game an enjoying it for wut it is… love the lore butt I never expected Elderscrolls heavy lore form genshin game… hopefully my words help y’all not be as down about the games lore choices and hopefully for the potential anime lore orgasm 😂

  14. I would like them to do those too but I don’t think they will. What they do for Genshin is they are trying to create a real world that the main character only knows what they sees or hears. And this seems to be their primary goal. So you can’t reexperience events, can’t get to know everything, can’t skip dialogue and the stories don’t only focus on so-called important people because these do not happen in real world. This archon quest is a new form that we get to be Nilou for a while but I still don’t think they will change their primary goal

  15. If they added the skip button, this game would turn into a rpg platform.

  16. If we can't experience those back stories from the characters ingame, maybe the Anime will tackle it. I mean, they'll have a long term project for Ufotable.

  17. I agree with you about the visions… how all the characters got them. I would love to see it.

  18. Thing is, even if the lore is too complex, the story itself is delivered in a slow, comfortable and comprehensible way and it's more than enough. Lore people are two steps ahead but people who don't read books/manga/item descriptions will slowly catch up, it's not a race.

    Shit I love Arknights but the total absence of voice acting and the 15 minutes monologue (not joking) made me stop reading or caring, it doesn't matter if the lore is good or not if the viewer/reader/player experience is absolute trash

  19. Your idea of having a vision quest is a fantastic idea 😀,i think that will do a great job in selling the characters as well from a business perspective.

  20. I think the reason World quests aren't voiced is simply a memory issue, I don't want to sound like an elitist but certain parts of the game are held back by it being a mobile title.
    Hoyo always have to design stuff based around the fact that there's a lot of people playing on dated mobile devices, which is fine, mobile is where most of the money is made.
    I do agree though, it would add so much to the game if those were voiced, hopefully they can find a workaround in the future.

  21. I have to disagree with you fundamentally on how "crucial bits of lore" are not presented well. Are they crucial to understanding what is going on in the present? Does the player and the Traveler need to know these things for everything that is going on to make sense? Phrased a third and final way, if that lore was not presented in the game AT ALL, would everything still make sense? Not to where you understand everything completely (because the Traveler does not understand everything complete) but to where actions taken make sense?

    As Dain says at the start of Travail, buried in the depths of this world lie smoldering remains. The discovery of information about the world through books and item descriptions is a bit like being an anthropologist/archaeologist. You will discover more truths about the world the more you dig, but that digging does not interest everyone. Many people just skip NPC dialogue because they believe NPCs to be unimportant (an irony paralleled in the question often posed in major NPC quests about the value of regular humans in the world).

    Digging for more information and connecting the dots is an aspect of Genshin that I LIKE, and barely any other media out there provides a similar experience. You don't need to know what you find buried in the world to understand what is going on until that information is introduced in a more straightforward way. For example, Dottore brings up the "fake sky" in Act 5. That is a reintroduction of the concept in a permanent way that establishes the concept as "now relevant to the story." It was a teaser provided extremely early on, and could inform theories and speculation, but that's for those willing and wanting to dig in the first place. The average player who doesn't care enough to do that doesn't need to know until it's relevant.

    tl;dr I don't view "hidden lore" as a problem, it is a feature. They have never required you to know anything buried to comprehend what is going on, it only ever adds additional context, and is brought up explicitly in quests when it becomes necessary to know.

  22. I agree with the Limited Time event quests. As someone who has just begun playing Genshin, it's sad that I missed out on a lot of them ):

  23. I wish we can see archon war, teyvat before cataclysm in the Anime

  24. I absolutely love the lore and how it’s presented tbh. Yes it might be scattered all about but to me that’s kinda what makes it so fun. I guess to me it’s about finding it.
    You think you have such a good grasp of the lore and then you get a new weapon/book/artifact and suddenly all you knew has completely changed.
    My biggest complaint is that it just doesn’t seem to be happening a whole lot. Zhongli and Ei are the only characters as of right now that have chapter 2 story quests. There are so many characters that are so heavily involved with the lore and we don’t even have a chapter two for them.
    I’d rather have several patches of no new characters but more character story quests for the characters we have now.
    And I think limited events should be turned into story quests. Especially the ones that involve a specific character. Like Albedo’s limited time events. Even tho it involves multiple characters, Albedo was so heavily involved, how could it not be seen as another part of a character story quest?

    All in all I think they need to start pushing out chapter 2s.

  25. ive been playing for a bit over two months and the first i heard of the fake sky was from the 3.2 archon quest, it was extremly confusing up until i found out about the event where it was mentioned first, watched a video on the event and it made the whole idea of the fake sky a lot more clear, im saying this since a lot of people mention that the event quests are rewards for people who was there at the time of the event + mentioning that the topics usually would get brought up in quests later on, so 'new players dont miss out' since it'll likely get mention later anyway. personally tho, i feel that although it might get mentioned later on, it might also just sound confusing if u have no idea how it came to be. limited events that have tons of lore should be accessible in one way or another for new players so they can understand it better when it gets brought up later, instead of feeling confused and having no idea what theyre even being told. event lore imo shouldn’t be a reward for players who were there, perhaps rewards for players who have been here for long should be stuff like cool wind gliders, weapons, little creatures that fly with u (like the seelies) and etc. there are tons of events that have lore about characters that new players know nothing of and they can sit and be stuck, knowing nothing about characters that a important to the story. perhaps an easy way to make it accessible for new players, is if they can unlock the event story with keys (like the same with hangouts and story quests) obviously just without the original rewards, so that new players have a chance at experiencing it first hand and get a better understanding. really hope all that made sense 🤞

  26. Weird and confusing lore is the best kind of lore

  27. World, story quest should be voiced, im with you with that, and yes vision quest should be a thing, bruh i wana see how bennet got his

  28. okay but like, diluc got his vision even younger than in the manga. KAEYA on the other hand:)

  29. someone shared a bit of information about the anime, I think they said that the season 1 will be the archon war, and it took 18months to make the 3 episodes which is in the mondstdat, I hope some of the quest will also be in anime.

  30. All of these concepts are really solid and would be extremely great!! Now I wish they'd implement these..

  31. I hope they add replayable events soon and give players the option to download (and delete) them to not unnecessarily consume storage space. Tears of Themis, another one of Hoyo's games, already has this feature when they rerun major events. They also have the option to download and delete main story chapters if we ever want to experience them again. Hopefully, Genshin also implements this in the future.

  32. Don't you think the sibbling quest brings their part of informations about the abyss and other stuff from the past? I feel like it's a point you didn't have developp enough in my opinion. Also it was a great video, i agreed on the " vision quest " since it wouldn't be to difficult to block the elemental skills from characters and to dive more in their lores than testing them. It would also fit for a better marketing point for the potential future skins (Diluc's one for example)

  33. I see so many people wish to replay past events, but I guess HYV will never give an opportunity to do this. Genshin is about "here and now". Event stories bring character banners of current interest with them. At that moment when you fall in love with a character, you want to pull for them most💸💸 .Obviously it won't be beneffitial to allow you skip limited story, because they want you were addicted to play every day. And they are pretty succesful at this point. I wish they could add something interesting, but it is already a heavy [mobile] game. Any type of new content takes another 10GB of storage. Genshin community also has to be mentioned, beacuse they put event stories on youtube, they make lore analysis. I think HYV just see no need in doing more job which is already "done".

  34. I think the way past quest resources can be removed now on mobile, it will pave way for additional content for newer versions.

  35. I very much agree with all of your suggestions, especially the vision quests🤩🙌🏻 I’ve been playing for as long as you, and honestly if it was’nt for Ashikai and other lore content creators, much of the lore content would probably be totally lost on me.

  36. You confused me about Diluc's past because you linked the manga and Diluc receiving his vision when they are not actually linked.
    Diluc received his vision as a little kid, long before his dad's dying or the manga's event.. him receiving his vision is not linked to a sad story either.
    Kaeya is the one who received his vision the day Crepus's died, when he fought with Diluc.
    Diluc actually abandon his vision to the knight this day (and receive it back 4 years later from Kaeya when he came back in Mondstadt)

    I actually quite like the "tell not show" theme of Genshin sometimes because it seem very realist, when you are looking for answers about history in real life, you have to look for those informations and read a lot because you can't live it yourself. I also like the fact that some times, the lore you learn in game is actually from unreliable narator and you learn later that it was actually lies or errors. It's interesting.. i only hope that the actual lore will be said clearly eventually.

  37. Totally agree with you Bran. But personally I don't think hoyoverse would really make quests about stories that happened before the travelers arrived in Teyvat, including something like vision quests (although I'd love that type of quest too). Genshin’s current quests all revolve around the travelers, so a quest that completely jumps out of their perspective is not in line with the current game design.

  38. I totally agree with everything u say!!
    Please mihoyo see this!!!

  39. the lore is not that confusing, for me the confusing part is the theories that people come up with

  40. My dream would be to finish the game one day and then get it on a console to be able to play it all in one go again. And to simply have it. Well, we'll see. 🙂

  41. Yup, I'm definitely interested in vision quests. Playing as the character would be great! Or the GAA 2 format is fine, too.

    I noticed all these snippets of Kazuha and immediately checked description. I knew it was Bob editing this. Good taste 😀

  42. Genshin devs simply refuse to be good at storytelling and shot themselves in the foot. Cases on point among many:

    – Not letting the traveler voice their mouth in story when they have the VAs for it (And no, the traveler is NOT a backgroundless silent protag)
    – Illusion of multiple choice, when most of the time said options are full sentence split into parts.
    – Too many discrepancies of worldbuilding, where you do not see anyone other than you gliding around in teyvat, or use the teleport waypoint. It's a case of "show, don't tell" being neglected.
    – Seven nations with seven different culture and aesthetics (naming, social structures, etc), and yet everybody uses one common language, behave similiarly to one another as if the difference is never there.
    – a big organization like fatui making a mess in every nation, inflicting casualties and offended many groups, and no one ever thought of going to war against them.

    I could go on. It doesn't stop there. Some of you can point out more, I am sure.

  43. idk if you already know this but, the upcoming anime will be about Archon War and Khaenriah destruction, so i dont think they need to add anything related to the game

  44. i think most of people who love story agree with you and yeah i'm one of them. pls don't juge me about this, from my expirence Mihoyo/Hoyoverses that i stay with them for a long time enough, they have the thing like development in themself more than before even they have a lot of Problem and it still piss me off many time till this day. but i have to admit it that thay leraning, yes, even it so slow and i think i never see relationship and impact between player, comunity, game and developer like this before. that's my openion.

  45. In my opinion on how the genshin lore should be represented


  46. 8:54 No you don't understand. It took me around 12 hours to do the aranara questline and i skipped EVERYTHING😂😂

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