the Xbox 360's hidden button -

the Xbox 360’s hidden button

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The Xbox One S has one too –

Learn how to manually eject a disk from your Xbox 360 console with this secret hidden button. This quick Xbox 360 repair video is a basic tutorial guide for how to remove a disk stuck inside when there is a problem or if the Xbox wont power on.

All you need is a paperclip or something long and pointy and poke it down into the hole and the disk will eject quickly and easily with no hassle.

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  1. My Chrome history is cleaner than your Xbox, to be honest

  2. why is no one talking about the amount of dust

  3. Wish the phat models had this, it's almost impossible to unstick the tray without pulling the whole console apart or slapping the top if and when it's turned on.

  4. Mind you this is only for the 360 E
    I'm not sure about the S but the original 360 has no access hole in the side of the disk drive for you to do this

  5. Wow if only 9 year old me saw this video i wouldnt of broken my xbox trying to pry out the drive to remove my disc 😅

  6. It's not a button though it's a spot to push out the jammed disc tray though

  7. I'm getting a RGH and I was gonna try out mod menus for GTA 5 story mode but my working disk is in my normal Xbox 360 and I tried hooking it back up but it didn't turn on and I don't wanna disassemble the console to just get the game out of there so I'm glad to have this video so I can try it but if it still doesn't work then I'ma try hooking it up again and I can even try it once I get my power cables and whatnot from the RGH because it's coming with the console and it should be the same model as my normal Xbox 360 but if all of that doesn't work then I'll just have to try and download GTA 5 since I can get it for free just like anything else on the RGH

  8. Here she comes – words only a champion hears.

  9. This is literally a way to break your Xbox😂

  10. My disk drive keeps getting jammed but i have a release day 360 does thus still work or it it just with the newer models

  11. I have the matte Black version it looks brand new honestly but I've never had to do this mine always opens as soon as I hit the button on the console. But nice to know just in case but you need to clean your disc tray gears take it apart clean it out bro get all the dust out of it too this thing is gross no wonder it ain't working right I take care of old consoles

  12. I kid you not I completely disassembled a 360 Slim from a flea market just 4 days ago to get the disc inside, and I just now find this video

  13. I have a PS3 but the sound stopped working after 7 1/2 months of use what is a solution to the problem?

  14. My god my Xbox 360 is ancient so it has been stuck for 6 years thanks a lot

  15. We can plant some seed in there and grow no time

  16. Everyone already knows it’s there my guy

  17. That noise you make after the eventually, I keep loling

  18. Bought an Xbox one for 50 with the Kinect and everything. Kept making a weird vcr sound so I tried to put in a disc and it wouldn’t take. Ended up finding Minecraft in there. Disc drive works, disc was stuck for some reason.

  19. The dust is probably holding the disc drive hostage.

  20. I destroyed my entire console out of anger because the CD player no longer worked 😢

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