The WORST and BEST Sonic games ever -

The WORST and BEST Sonic games ever

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  1. The three games on the Wii could have been better if on a different console

  2. I like Sonic forces i think IS one of the best Sonic 3D Games


  4. First time i ever heard his voice without an accent

  5. 06 secret rings and black knight the games were trash. But the music were fire.

  6. Sonic generations might actually be THE BEST Sonic game imo

  7. that cup looks like the healing cup in populaition one

  8. Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations amazing games, that gave me a lot of fun time.

  9. Colors on the ds is the material for speedrunning

  10. sonic frontiers is the biggest fattest L of a game ever

    like come on theres a part where you have to herd children and they bomb you like ukraine

    LIKE WTF why do the kids have bombs????
    and theres like 50 of them

  11. Doesn't even put "Sonic Frontiers" 💀
    I think that's actually a big sh*t

  12. i dont know what bro was talking bout, but SONIC FORCES WAS G.O.A.T.E.D

  13. Am I the only one almost shedding a tear from nostaliga?

  14. Bro really did heroes dirty that is definitely my favorite sonic game of all time

  15. even Ty would know Sonic '06 sucked ask

  16. Top 3 Sonic games for me are
    Black Knight

  17. i grew up with the xbox version of unleashed

  18. Sonic 2006 is a very good Game, and
    Unleashed is just a piece of shit
    Kill me, but it's true

  19. There is nothing "alright" about chronicles

  20. They did chronicles dirty, it's a great game if you mute the music.

  21. 🧢. Sonic CD is better than every game shown and you cannot tell me otherwise.

  22. Sonic unleashed Wii was my first sonic game, so I'm biased.

  23. Bro 06 wa so underrated, it’s just hated cuz of story, plot and glitches

  24. sonic lost world is cool conceptually, they just messed up while making it, in my opinion

  25. V̵i̶r̶u̸s̸C̸o̶n̷u̴n̵d̶r̸u̵m̵s̷ says:

    Me who absolutely loved sonic colours and forces: what did I do?

  26. Fr Lost World 3D was better in gameplay than the Wii U version tho, he doesn't feel sluggish and the parkour in that version is actually more fun than the console version

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