The WEIRD WORLD of FAKE Minecraft Multiplayer -

The WEIRD WORLD of FAKE Minecraft Multiplayer

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HELLO GUYS. A while ago I remembered I’d played some dodgy fake Minecraft games from the appstore, and that some of them had had multiplayer worlds… So today I decided to explore some of them for the world to see. I used to actually play on a lot of similar games when I was MUCH MUCH younger, so in a way this was sort of nostalgic! :O Unfortunately, it seems like the best one got taken off the appstore, so I sadly could not go there. I wonder why they removed it. Probably not because it’s suspiciously similar to another best-selling gaming. Probably not at all



  1. Uhhh mini world:creata.. Is not a fake minecraft ripoff, and i made a friend in mini world creata

  2. I used to play "worldcraft" in 2013-2014 and would roleplay on there ALL the time. They were actual people on it and I did have some fun times and even friends who were regulars! But it was also very cringey cuz I was like… 10. I stopped playing when it went from being heavy Minecraft clone to this weird retexture where all the characters were circular or something. Did anyone else play this? (I think the planetcraft was originally world craft title wise due to very familiar app icon).

  3. Excuse me is squdos backround spamton walking in the SpongeBob universe???

  4. Rat best character in Squiddo Cinematic Multiverse

  5. I play crafting and building, because it's the closest thing I can find to Minecraft because I can't afford Minecraft, so I just put the Minecraft texture pack on it

  6. and just pretend I'm playing real Minecraft

  7. I actually played me world. I created some weird things like sans. I also built a business on the moon, of course. And I made friends with these weird aliens and then captured them and didn't experience. The sans map I made ever again. The sans battle

  8. Is it bad that i had one of those for over a year?

  9. I actually played crafting and building and it's basically a copy of Minecraft, probably illegal?


  10. What you mean crafting and building works for me

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