The PS5 Upgrade we Needed! -

The PS5 Upgrade we Needed!

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How to install an SSD into the PS5. This is the official SSD for the PS5 from Western Digital #ps5 #gaming #playstation5 #ssd #westerndigital

Buy the SSD here –


  1. not run this method sony locked m2 external

  2. Same price less storage ,sell storage
    Business plan 👍

  3. of course you can buy an official ps5 fan boy M.2 for a huge amount of money, or just buy a regular M.2 from Samsung etc. bought my 970 evo plus 2tb for just 108 EUR a few months ago

  4. What's the speed of this WD? i use samsung 980 with custom heatsink from elecgear. it does 6500MB/S

  5. It’s almost like they should’ve already come out with two TB

  6. Don't buy the official PS4 ones that's just a scam you pay 50+€ just for an Playstation logo. Just go for a different one that works with the ps5

  7. Hey I have a doubt I got this SSD from local shop and I don't have a ps5 can I use this in my pc 😅😅

  8. This is why I'm a PC gamer, I can upgrade my parts easily, and my pc will last for years unless my motherboard dies.

  9. Guys 2 tb is more than enough. Since the ps5 is only for playing games. How many games do you want to put on ? For what? Don't waste your money. 2 tb m.ssd with a heatsink is affordable still for around 136€
    You paid for the ps5, probably got a headset and also the games and now an ssd. At the end you paid hundreds of euros for only gaming. I also play a lot, but do not waste your money for just an ssd .

  10. I got a ps5 slim and it had 1t of storage and it came with spder-man 2

  11. With every part becoming upgradeable consoles are slowly becoming what they should have always been in the first place: A PC…

  12. This is the most wholesome, heartwarming story i have ever heard
    Please continue making content and post more often

  13. I got a 2tb for 70 bucks on Amazon and thank god I’ll need it for gta6 😂

  14. I was today years old when I learned the SSD is an addon ontop of the available 600+GB😮

  15. I actually skin wrapped my shell in alcantara. Hoping to do inner shell soon

  16. when we were younger we didnt even have com-
    shut up old man

  17. I love how easy it is to add storage to Xbox

  18. Whoa! An entire workplace with a super-ergonomic chair, a table with servos, a 4K Amoled TV, headphones with high-quality and surround sound and… For playing PS5? WTF

  19. Might have to buy this for GTA 6

  20. People like me are just mad of the lack of backwards capable like the ps3 thats the main issue for me.

  21. Also forgot to mention if they deside to make a ps6 forget about it make a ps5 pro with all the best of the ps6 name it the ps5 pro and don't come out with a ps6 till 2035. Have the internal ssd thats a hard one be way bigger as in a 4t in the pro version of the ps5 as well as actual backwards compatibility all the way to the one. Able to read the disk not digitally. We all jave the ps3 to play ps1 and ps2 games

  22. Btw, at least from the link he gave, that 2tb SSD costs 200 dollars.

  23. this extra memory costs as much as a nintendo switch damn

  24. There are barely any games on this system? What’s in all that storage? 🤨

  25. Can you play ps5 games while they’re in the storage?

  26. Closes they will ever get to a pc experience

  27. I definitely need to do this.
    I want more than 2tb though.

  28. That SSD ain't great 😅
    I got myself a: Samsung 990 PRO 4tb.
    And as a heatsink:
    ELECGEAR P5 NVMe Heatsink EL-P5C.
    That hestsink is also used as a cover for the SSD expansion bay.

  29. Or they could keep making physical copies of games that you can own forever, not untill the company needs to make room on their servers so older or less popular games get removed from their systems.
    (To many large companies have been saying that consumers have to get used to not owning the media they pay for which is ridiculous, like trailer park mentality yea you own the house but you dont own the land, sure you could move it to land you bought/own but it'll cost you 🤦‍♂️🤷

  30. Nah, I have 4TB of storage to play with. Lol

  31. What’s the name of your monitor? It’s really nice 😊

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