The Nostalgia Of Old YouTube Horror -

The Nostalgia Of Old YouTube Horror

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Today let’s take a trip back to the ‘Weird Side of YouTube’ to cover several famous (and infamous) creepy, cursed and straight-up bizarre videos from the early 2000’s and 2010’s to examine how they came to be, as well as how they’ve influenced the types of horror that we see on YouTube today. In their own strange way these videos are all incredibly nostalgic, and helped to shape YouTube and even internet horror in general!

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  1. Your eye makeup is just so pretty, YOU are just so pretty!!

  2. My teacher showed us the scary car commercial and I remember hiding under the desk, plugging my ears, and screaming. Why did she show us that-

    The same teacher also showed us a video of an open heart surgery. WHAT KIND OF SCHOOL DID I GO TO

  3. Alantutorial feels like it was one of the first arg's. Really weird creepy stuff Alan Resnick does

  4. There is no need to apologize for the background or lighting for this video! On Youtube, way too much importance is placed on these things and not enough importance is placed on actual content, in my opinion. Your content more than makes up for it even if it did look bad, and it looks great!

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  6. Scary car commercial was known as relaxing car ride in my school

  7. OLD? Girl I’m only in my 20s, don’t put a date on us yet! 😭

  8. Dear god, "Strawberry Celery" and "Irish Potato" favored ice creams…that is the true horror!

  9. 4:04 When I clicked on this video, I knew I’d see this scene again. After all these years of not searching for it, it finds its way back. Shout out to older siblings for sitting us down in front of the computer and voluntarily traumatizing us in the mid 2000s. 😂

  10. My cousin showed me scary car when I was a kid. I was a very jumpy innocent little kid. Once the zombie popped up, I screamed and tried to shove my head deep inside the couch to hide. I don’t know what that was my reaction!

  11. Izzzyzzz, I love you and I know a gal gotta eat, but consider easing a bit with the ads, please. In this quantity they are incredibly distracting and actually taking a lot from your hard work :c

    Still love u, tho. Thanks for the great content ❤

  12. While not originating from YouTube, Creepypastas and SCP’s were the things that fucked me up…. barley. Like they never terrified me, but they were unnerving to say the least. And while I’ve fallen out of the spooky spaghetti due to getting older and releasing most of them are shit, I still love SCP, even if I don’t read them. Like the concept of them is so cool dude. My favorite videos about them were watching tats top 10 videos about them. Like they went out if their way to animate each article they read to help visualize the creature. I also still love Slender Man, feels exactly like a urban legged cryptid, much cooler than what he’s seen as now or most of his fellow creepypastas are. I also have a fondness for ARG’s, though I don’t get into many cause most feel like the same shit of “baby thing but SPOOKY” and most don’t put a ton of effort into them to make them engaging. Fun fact about me: I thought creepypastas were real (shocker I know just hear me out) , but then learned none of them were real….. EXCEPT FOR SCP AND FUCKING HEROBRINE! Gaslit myself into thinking they were both real. Should have figured out that after seeing depictions of 096 and not dying they were bull and never encountering Herobrine at all in my Minecraft worlds.
    Also want to add that videos about SCP and it’s origins as well as creepypasta would be interesting. Do note that SCP has some WILD shit with its origins, to the point of a whole other website being made by ex SCP writers that is basically the exact same thing as SCP.

  13. I love your MH G3 dolls! And its great to see Honey Swamp ❤

  14. izzy we need a five night at freddy’s video SOOO bad 😭 it was my LIFEEE as a kid

  15. 𝔀𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓽𝓯𝓪𝓶𝓲 says:

    I was more into this stuff instead of reading the creepy pastas that anyone with Word could publish. I remember when SlenderMan would actually haunt my dreams until the memes of him being a salesman lmfao but those missing children photos were why I was so terrified.

  16. Nope. I guess I still can't watch the stupid ice cream video. It makes me sick idk why

  17. Bro the ice cream man who eats himself and the "there is nothing" woman terrified me as a child and they're two of the contributors I get creeped out whenever someone looks at me with their eyes wide open

  18. If you're trying to find good lighting, I highly recommend the Elgato Keylight Air! It's done wonders for my lighting setup 🙂 great video as always!!

  19. With all due respect, and I am in no way trying to be creepy about this, Izzy always looks like a murder victim that personifies the pastry’s fad of the year she died, in a hot way. For example this video is 70s-80s neon.

  20. I'm loving your growing Monster High collection 😍

  21. Hey! so some info about 666, yes it does come from the last book of the bible which is given from a man name John's point of view, it's a vision of his. Some think it's John the disciple, some think its a different John., either way there are two ways to translate the number he uses it is either 666 or 626.
    He presents it as a puzzle saying more or less "those with wisdom will understand this"
    So why the two numbers, there are some theories but the one that makes the most sense to me is that if you add up Nero's (yes the guy who burnt down parts of rome) name in Greek you get 666 but if you do it in Hebrew you get 626.
    So, if this is true, the 666 is a way to roast Nero without saying his name.

  22. Right after you finished your sponsor for the genshin game I got an ad for it 😭 why can't I escape the chinese Nintendo ripoff company

  23. why do they bring us germans into the creepy shit all the time

  24. this was the only side of youtube i knew when i was younger like before i was 9, it kind of shaped who i am and a bit of my interest like now horror genre is my favourite, i listen to dark somnium, mr creep etc as background noice when i want to fall asleep. i kinda miss it!

  25. I like what you’ve done with your background shelf!

    EDIT: I got to the end and you’re apologising about everything but you don’t need to!! Your choice of topics, research, storytelling, style and editing is always great and keeps me coming back even if I don’t know much about the subject. I hope you’re proud of all that you’re doing 💕

  26. I don’t think it’s disappeared, but with all of the oversaturation and the drive to become youtubers and influencers, i feel like a lot of creative pieces and works for fun are being lost. maybe I’ve just grown up or haven’t seen it in the right places, but i hope videos like these and other projects with more heart than cliut ideals can start to crop up again. That’s how we get “The Next Big Thing™️”

  27. Did the things found on beaches vid actually use a picture of SCP-682?

  28. Totally thought my YT was glitching because when I hovered on your thumbnail it showed Star Rail. Been playing it, it's fun. I was rather confused til I saw the ad though lol

  29. Great video but I also have to say this is one of my fav lewks you’ve served you are slay

  30. In Poland we had our own creepy youtube series: "poradnik uśmiechu" (smilling tutorial) on chanell Kraina Grzybów TV (Mushroomland TV). It was filmed in style of old, but very distorted and off-putting tv tutorials/child programmes with weird, seemingly incomplete titles like "jak skutecznie jabłko" (how to effectivelly apple). Back in the day it was really popular and there were many theories about its origin and meaning.
    The series remains on the channel and it has english subtitles.

  31. a history teacher showed me the german car coffee commercial in middle school before the youtube guy edited the ending so i always tried to google it as “scary german coffee commercial” and got no hits xD early 2000s internet was the best of times and the worst of times 💀

  32. My favorite is definitely Possibly in Michigan! It's so odd and the potentially-lesbian subtext makes it even more interesting. I enjoyed showing it to my poor book club during our horror themed meeting.

  33. ITS SO AWESOME THAT YOURE SPONSORED BY STAR RAIL! One of my favorite YouTubers, one of my favorite genres (weird horror) and a game by the same people as one of my fave games, genshin, all in one video!

  34. @15:45 Thank you for bringing up the appropriation of unrelated art for horror purposes as something to consider as a fan; eerie images/videos can be really fun to explore, but recontextualizing them for horror can be incredibly unfair to the creators. A good example is the emergence of the Momo meme and subsequent moral panic from the sculpture "Mother Bird" by Aiso Keisuke, which compelled the artist to destroy the piece (though to be fair it was created from impermanent materials for a specific exhibition, and was already starting to degrade at the time of its disposal).

  35. The i feel fantastic one scared the shit out of me like as a kid, i couldnt sleep for weeks and i totally belived the seiral killer theory lmao

  36. The scary maze game was the first that scared me lmao

  37. YES! I'm so glad you gave the actual backstory to I feel fantastic. My friend and I became obsessed with her back in 2014 and did a ton of research into why she existed and found a bunch of the stuff you found. One of the most memorable pieces of trivia we found was that she was demoed at a car dealership to give information to guests, but was taken out due to some malfunctions/other issues. She has a ton of videos on another channel where there's more music videos (Electricity is my favorite), but more importantly a video called "piercing the android", where she talks some about her durability and how she needs her face replaced, then her creator shoves a nail in her face and you see her squishy plastic contort to the nail. I find that video to be SO much more creepy than I feel fantastic, it's basically body horror.

  38. Omg your blank room soup theory is so smart and makes a lot of sense! I can’t believe nobody else has brought up that connection.

  39. You should make a video on the 2020 Haunted Demo Disc! You introduced my sibling and I to the 2021 Disc so we decided to play the other. We greatly enjoyed it and we'd love to hear your thoughts about it!

  40. I think Marble Hornets also helped shape internet "found footage" ARG's and used the slender man hype very well


    I love horror, and its what inspired me with my art and series in my making. BUT, the future of popular horror today is really worrying me. You've probably seen the hour long videos that talk about how "horror today is ruined!!!", but heres my take. IT REALLY ISN'T. Im kinda tired of the Mandela Catalogue remakes (which dont get me wrong, i love the mandela catalog) but most of them dont have much creativity. Horror and things like args and analog horror are very difficult things to do right, but if you want to make horror, you need to actually put in love into it. (Sorry if this is really weridly written- im not the best at explaining stuff)

    ANYWAY- great video btw! Blank Room Soup is engraved into my mind and old youtube horror is something that i will forever remember (mostly in my nightmares and at 12 am when i remember it exists)😮

  42. Sad you never talked about ' I have the body of a pig ' that was probably one of the few things that really unsettled me as a kid, I didn't believe it was real or anything but it was definitely something that still got me.

    Same goes for ' wpkepkw ' a little bit too, though it isnt as old as the other video I mentioned.

  43. I had to put this video off for so long cause i was terrified of seeing that damn car commercial again 😹 wonderful video, no longer as traumatized as i was as a kid

  44. OH! I know this was originally a scrolling comic, but the korean (?) comic where you scroll and there's a screamer on the site! that traumatized me into never trusting a link from my friends again 😹 i love your outfit in this video btw! very cute and cool ! very monster high <3

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