The Nostalgia Of Old YouTube Horror -

The Nostalgia Of Old YouTube Horror

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Today let’s take a trip back to the ‘Weird Side of YouTube’ to cover several famous (and infamous) creepy, cursed and straight-up bizarre videos from the early 2000’s and 2010’s to examine how they came to be, as well as how they’ve influenced the types of horror that we see on YouTube today. In their own strange way these videos are all incredibly nostalgic, and helped to shape YouTube and even internet horror in general!

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  1. the creator of Username666 also created one of the best series that exists on the internet unironically. he played minecraft without using any sort of wiki and it's indescribably wholesome, triumphant, beautiful, surreal, horrifying, and sincere. highly recommend if that even sounds a little bit interesting.

  2. the ice cream video still creeps me out so much that i had to look away from the screen during that section 😭

  3. i love your makeup in this video! it reminds me of jem 🙂

  4. I’m so not ready for circa 2007 youtube to be considered “old”. It wasn’t the dark ages it was barely a decade ago.

  5. I love how you're discussing traumatizing things that scarred my childhood in a very colorful lively theme. Really compensates my fear fr lol

  6. I think my favorite youTube horror video is 'No Through Road' it's like super underrated

  7. I was getting a tattoo the other day and a guy next to me was getting salad fingers tattooed on his back. Absolute legend.

  8. I showed my friend DONT hug me I’m scared 1-3 and she got mad at me and kinda got traumatized for like 3months when I first found out about dhmis

  9. Maybe the stolen Ray Ray masks were a promo for the band Stolen babies…the masks do look like babies 😀 and I think the guy eating the soup is Raymond.

  10. I’m the biggest salad fingers fan and for some reason i haven’t watched this yet but i’m shaking in my boots i love hearing people talk abt him.
    I have mental illness </3 it’s crippling but i do not give a shit

  11. Also didnt the creator of i feel fantadtic die from age or like a heart attack or something?


  13. I like to call them cursed, but I just do that as a joke. It can be interesting to think about what could inspire somebody to create content like that and the ideas behind them.

  14. I remember the early days of YouTube and these haunted videos. There was a video that I saw which, at the time, got under my skin. It was done at night on a rural road, and it sounded like it was "narrated" in another language. The guy sounded like he might have been in the back of a truck. In the distance is a woman with long black hair dressed in white, she's coming towards the vehicle. The guy talking starts getting frantic. She disappears for a minute, and he calms down a little. Well, she comes out of the woods and starts moving towards the vehicle more rapidly. Of course, our guy really freaks out, and though I'm not sure what language it was, I can decipher a guy saying to his buddy, "Get the fuck out of here," without being a polyglot. Anyway, they drive off leaving creepy bitch in the dust. I don't know why this vid freaked me out so much, except to say that I was younger
    I also want to say that even though we know the mystery behind "I Feel Fantastic," it's still creepy af.

  15. I remember as a kid during the 2011 era youtube was full of screamer videos. The Reagan one seemed to be most popular, it wasn’t fun being 6 walking on eggshells on my little iPod touch.

  16. Shot in the dark, but does anyone remember a CGI creepy-ish video series starring a girl who’s like…trapped in cyberspace? There’s a phone and answering machine heavily featured? Circa mid 00’s? Can’t remember the name but I was obsessed with it as a kid

  17. I think it’s pronounced “kah-fee” bc in the German alphabet “K” (kay) is pronounced “kah”

  18. fun fact the letter K in german is pronounced like kah. so it's just the german word for coffee without a few letters… 😀

  19. This isn’t a critique, I just speak German- K-fee is pronounced “kah-fay”. In German, the letter K on its own sounds like “kah”. The ending with two E makes an elongated, softer E- “eehh”
    Hence, “kah-fay”. It’s a fun way to write it so it’s read like the German word for coffee, Kaffee (pronounced like café)

  20. I knew salad fingers and Don't hug me i'm scared because my sisted loved them when it was popular but I was too young and watched them only recently. I really love the series and idk why but it comforts me in a way.
    (Salad Fingers our autistic icon)

  21. When I was younger, maybe 7, I used to be absolutely terrified by the announcer lady from Team Fortress 2; my brother (the absolute best) told me that she was a good lady who helped Santa Claus navigate the night using her announcing skills to help me go to sleep 😀

  22. Just found your channel and this hit me right in the nostalgia gland. Now subbed.

  23. My sister used to torment me with the car commercial video when i was like 6-7, since she was like twice my size then. I think these kinds of videos really awakened my love for horror as a genre of entertainment.

  24. I was the number one listener of I Feel Fantastic before it was removed from Spotify 💪💪💪

  25. i’m surprised nothing about Shaye Saint John is in here. they freaked me out as a kid.

  26. I hated screamers. For a long time, there was a guy whose links I would never click on after an incident where he linked me to a screamer. Granted, I don't think he was the only time I encountered one, because I remember running into a screamer on a website without anyone else sending me any links.

    That one screamer I ran into on my own may have influenced a nightmare I had recently. The screamer was a girl from a horror movie and I believe it was the girl the Exorcist. The nightmare I'm talking about was pretty bad and I can only describe the figure I saw as someone from the Exorcist, because fortunately, I don't retain memory of the imagery. I'm not sure how my brain created that after 15+ years. All I know is my brain didn't care about my opinion before that nightmare spawned.

  27. help meeeeeeeee o noooooo im have irritamble vowel syndrome waaaaah ( mario sunshine game over sound )

  28. How could you forget Mereana Mordegard Glesgov?! Or Obey The Walrus! While Obey The Walrus didn't effect me I legit was traumatized by Merena. Probably didn't help that my introduction to it was a countdown video saying that if you watched it you'd gouge your eyes out. I think it was either Nuke Noreway, Speedster, or rabbidluigi who mentioned it in one of their countdowns but maybe Im wrong. Point is I was deep into the rabbithole of dark youtube growing up.

  29. I'm not sure if this was a worldwide thing since the series is in Polish, but goddammit. Kraina Grzybów did things to me as a kid. I feel like if it resurfaced now it would be an absolute hit with the analog horror girlies. I still see those glue-on paper eyes in my nightmares.

  30. am I disturbed my creepy imagery? nope. but jeff, little babies ice cream and momo? I'm covering my eyes thank you very much.

  31. I love how your channel has become all about Internet history and nostalgia

  32. obsessed w this makeup izzyy!!!! and amazin video x

  33. I love rayray. I'm kinda sad bc a bunch of people attacks rayray fans

  34. Perhaps you could make an episode that's a deep dive into Courage the Cowardly dog?

  35. OK THIS VIDEO IS PHENOMENAL BUT LISTEN THATS! DOGZ! WII GAME MUSIC! IN THE BACKGROUND! oh my god the second it started I felt like a fucking sleeper agent who'd been activated. Cheers for the double nostalgia trip!!

  36. i love all the thought that goes behind the theories of the blank soup room video. they way you are passionate abt these topics is very cool too 🙂

  37. Oddly enough Username666 sorta made a comeback about 9-ish months ago when the whole “Watch without the h” rabbit hole was a thing. Basically take any YouTube URL and remove h from Watch and a SpOoKY video would come up (the same/a similar one that looked like it was playing in Username666)

  38. Make a video on weird/obscure DS games ! There so many of them

  39. "the Classic Creepy Car Commercial" is a tounge tWEEESTAAA

  40. I like how you talk about Internet history like it's real world history, it makes me feel a little bit like a grandma who's "been there and seen things back in the good ol days" or something

  41. Aaaah so many of these are such a big part of my childhood!!! Having unrestricted internet was both cursed and fun. I’d love to see you do a video on Creepypastas! I know you’ve done Slenderman but maybe you could do others or the whole genre?

  42. There's this channel spawned by the "Im sorry Jon" old god Garfield. Like, there's always a garfield in the background whenever the person is talking. They always look different too. They haven't done anything but explain really cool concepts and what not and while they always look amazing pretty sure this is just the start. Like what happens when she reaches 1 million subscribers??? Currently at 852k and I dunno it's awesome but also really scary. Like what is gonna happen!

  43. Oh my gosh, the words"Screamer Free Video" plastered in the thumbnails… Early YouTube 😢

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