The Johto Elite 4 - PokeMMO JOHTO PTS FINALE -

The Johto Elite 4 – PokeMMO JOHTO PTS FINALE

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This happened after a lot of sleep deprivation over the weekend and playing pokemmo and making content for 16+ hours a day so if you leave a comment correcting a play or being negative i will nerd emoji react you.

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  1. i already defeated ilite 4 why i can still see legendaries?

  2. are u able to go to johto now that u beat the game?

  3. I sure do miss being able to use more than 4 items in a battle…

  4. I have a 5×31 weavile i bred for pvp but its still on lvl 1
    I think i'll use the johto storyline to level it at the same time a ice-type is pretty good on johto

  5. Just A normal person who likes anime says:

    I was wondering does max lure works as sweet scent?

  6. Permanent Progress is so much better than the actual way they do the E4

  7. 19:50 every time i play E4 i feel like they are cheating, always super effective coverage like and crits

  8. Audio seems out of sync 🙁 I find out about battles before I see it 🙁

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