The First of the Forays into Frontier -

The First of the Forays into Frontier

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It’s time to actually play the game I got famous for talking about! Experience the magic of rage 2 playtime Sega game online, where timeless classics and beloved favorites come to life in a digital playground. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of Sega.

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  1. 21:13 I have to use that for something. I don't know what, but something

  2. Funny story: I had seen Blinking Nargacuga footage and had thought for some reason that that was just Lucent Narga. Cut to me playing sunbreak and thinking Blinking was what i was in for. I was like "damn they put this in Sunbreak holy"

  3. why didn't notification set off for this…F it, brb gotta get the popcorn.

  4. Based streamer. Remember, 20$ if you beat Ruko next frontier stream.

  5. Bit sad I missed your live stream, of Frontier… I would love to play this…

    Do you think it's possible/NOT-Too Complicated, on Steam Deck?

    FYI–(I'm a Caveman…lol! and not too technically-knowledgeable, when it comes to this stuff…)

  6. I was working couldnt catch the stream. Sadge

  7. Imagine there were head pieces like the gargwa mask, but for every monster

  8. I wish I’d stick around a bit longer for the end, sorry, but next time I will! Thanks Connor for the amazing streams, also as always remember your pop tarts!

  9. sleep schedule got completely destroyed but it was deffo worth it
    will be around for the next one for sure

  10. Watching the Abiorugu part i missed 🔥🔥

    too bad his moveset is so limited in low rank, i think it's the one with the most shrunken movepool. Not related, but it would be cool if they made a fully soldier themed fight for him. He could be able to spit smoke to obscure your vision, place landmines, throw dirt in your character's eyes to block your screen, fake the preparations for certain moves and actually use others, change his color like a chameleon to better camouflage in the area.

  11. I would love to play Frontier but the idea of making malware exceptions for it to function just makes me nervous and I don't know if I'm comfortable messing with it.

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