The Best Spider-Man Games -

The Best Spider-Man Games

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Spider-Man has starred in dozens of video games, appearing on eveything from the Atari 2600 to the PS4. But which are worth your time, and how does Marvel’s Spider-Man stack up to them?


  1. My top 5 Spidey games are
    1.Marvel Spider-man PS4
    2.Shattered dimensions
    3.Spider-man 2 PS2
    4.Ultimate Spider-man PS2
    5.Spider-man 2000 PS1

  2. Edge of Time over Shattered Dimensions is crazy. Even gamespot gave Shattered Dimensions a higher score haha

  3. Edge of Time? Over Shattered Dimensions? That's funny

  4. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang says:

    The Best Hero in the World from Marvel 🌎🌏🌍

  5. Edge of Time over Shattered Dimensions? You have got to be kidding.

  6. Lol, Xbox people can’t even play the best Spider-Man game of all time 😂

  7. edge of time instead of shattered dimension? I would LOVE to hear the reason behind this

  8. chainarong Ruangjirasstian Ruangjirasstian says:

    Spiderman shattered dimensions should have a remaster

  9. Marvel's Spider-Man
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
    Spider-Man 2 (2004)
    Spider-Man (2000)

  10. I loved ultimate spiderman but the new one is my favourite lol

  11. Doesn’t include Shattered Dimensions
    Dislikes video

  12. Uhh The amazing Spiderman was good though but not as excellent as ps4 the ps4 Spiderman is the best game but I really like the amazing Spiderman lol.

  13. Edge of Time got mentioned over Shattered Dimensions?

  14. I honestly think TASM1 deserves to be an honourable mention at least

  15. Spiderman Web of shadows is still one of the best Spiderman games out there. And you still get the black costume

  16. You missed Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro, and The Amazing Spider-Man. Both were great games to play, Enter Electro with its awesome costume abilities and fun villain fights, and The Amazing Spider-Man with its open world game play with its usage of villains.

  17. My list:
    5. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (2010)
    4. Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)
    3. Spider-Man 2: The Movie Game (2004)
    2. Spider-Man (2000)
    1. Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018)

  18. You don’t get how much I want the PS4 Spider-Man Game on Xbox. If they add it to Xbox, I will GRIND it, it looks sooooooo fun😫

  19. Wtf… Where's SHATTERED DIMENSIONS!?!!?!!!!!?!!!

  20. I guess i am the only one who actually liked spider-man 3 for the PC 😀

  21. Edge of Time but not Shattered Dimensions????

  22. My list:
    Spider man (2018)
    Spider man 2 (2004)
    Spider man the movie (2002)
    Spider man web of shadows (2008)

  23. SPIDER-MAN: THE VIDEO GAME (1,991) [00:41]

    SPIDER-MAN (2,000) [01:03]

    SPIDER-MAN: THE MOVIE (2,002) [01:32]

    SPIDER-MAN 2 (2,004) [02:01]

    VLTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (2,005) [02:26]

    SPIDER-MAN: WEB OF SHADOWS (2,008) [02:59]

    SPIDER-MAN: EDGE OF TIME (2,010) [03:33]

    MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN (2,018) [03:58]

  24. i hear the spiderman ps 1 background msuic. ahh the memories

  25. Who else thinks that Ultimate Spiderman was very underrated?

  26. What about the amazing spider-man video game.

  27. Web of shadows is all around the most perfect spidey game ever. They literally had to make the game in just 17 months from scratch. Imagine what they couldve done given more time. For a game made in freaking 2008, it was gorgeous too.

  28. man, what about shattered dimensions? it's such a cool idea, and so well executed, too! c'mon guys, do better.

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