The BEST Game User Settings in Fortnite Season OG! 🔧 (MAX FPS + 0 Input Delay) -

The BEST Game User Settings in Fortnite Season OG! 🔧 (MAX FPS + 0 Input Delay)

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The BEST Game User Settings in Fortnite Season OG! 🔧 (MAX FPS + 0 Input Delay)

Here are Best Game User Settings Fortnite Season OG. That will give MAX FPS & give 0 input delay, giving you guys the best possible advantage over your opponents. If you appreciate the explanation and the video itself, be sure to let me know by dropping a like on it.

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How To Get Stretched Resolution:
How To Get Lower Ping:
Fix Blue Lobby Screen:

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  1. How to i get to were it says "My computer"

  2. Do you have to do the settings in the nvidia control panel?

  3. Im stuck in the black infinty screen when i join (Any fixes?

  4. bruh, why when I turn on performance mode do I lose so many settings options? like I have way less than u do

  5. why cant i make a custom res in nvidia control panel (im on windows 11)?

  6. bruh now I ain’t got no sound coming out of my monitor

  7. Ok so if this works and I get increase on fps I will like subscribe and turn on noti's

  8. ბავშვების ფილმები says:

    My pc pentium ddr 2 8gb gt9500😢

  9. i dont have nvidia and amd graphic. I have intel uhd graphic and i cant do this 5:03

  10. When i put stretch resolution on, it also stretches my desktop when i only want it to stretch my fortnite . how do i fix that?

  11. Havnet had battle pass for sooo long would be a dresm

  12. when i play my game runs at 240 fps and uncappt its 400 in creative, but some times my fps drops down to 8 fps and that happends like every 3 minutes. and i have watched so meny videos so my youtube history is full of how to fix fps drops but nothing work. Can someone help me?

  13. please help after i did this some sounds are sometimes normal but most of the time really quiet

  14. Yooo sup man i really want the battle pass and thanks that you helped me make my game beetter my max was 140fps and now it's minimum 150fps! thanks so much i reallly want the battle pass too usr:Ziemtex12

  15. This really helped me thank you keep up the good work! Username: LeadtalkerXD

  16. For some reason in the new season I lost like a hundred fps but it’s still stable

  17. Why, just why do pros play on lowest possible settings? Even thought you probably can play on a locked 165fps at high settings with nanite/lumen or 240fps at high settings, lumen off. You really want to sacrifice that much visuals, just to get that 360hz or even 500hz that dosent even matter!?

    You guys even disabling high res textures, directx 12 shaders and even cosmetic streaming. I just don't get it, is it because lower than lowest settings make you see the enemies better or something? If that's the case you have damn bad eyes, if you have to disable effects and shadows to be able to spot enemies!

    You should have the highest settings you can, with your desired fps.

  18. I have 3080 i5-12400 and so huge delay, haw to fix it?

  19. If you want ultimate fps, add -nullrhi, you’ll have like 10000x the fps

  20. man i gained over 60 fps because of this you´re a G

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