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The 11 Best Free Movies On YouTube Right Now

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We live in a time when streaming services are dominating the TV landscape. Streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime are not only providing abundant content for relaxing binge-watching days, but they are also producing original content and shining new light on classic movies and hidden gems.

Even though YouTube many not be your first thought when planning a movie night with your friends and family, the social media platform actually has great movies that are available for free.

We are talking Oscar-nominated movies and classic action and sci-fi flicks. Here are the 11 best free movies on YouTube right now.

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Big Trouble in Little China | 0:00
The Terminator | 1:18
The Color of Money | 2:18
Let Me In | 3:21
Stargate | 4:27
Slumdog Millionaire | 5:40
Super Size Me | 6:49
Moulin Rouge! | 7:32
Ghost in the Shell | 8:34
Traitor | 9:44
The Cutting Edge | 10:50

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  1. slumdog millionaire ,really! what Hollywood show India as poor nation…what America has..drugs obesity depression..people everywhere but no one to express….deep lonely

  2. Define "Best" in "Best movie"…. I have the impression the definition here is somewhat… frivolous at best. But well, they're for free. Never look a free horse in the mouth.

  3. oops! well, seems your announcement here gave most of these "best" movies back to youtube for sale. no wait. super size me is still available free. and traitor…boo! poor quality, especially in the sound department.

  4. None of these movies compare to Battle of Algiers.

  5. holy crap – how did you leave off "The Princess Bride"????

  6. just first five are free, another false advertiser, you tube joins fake news!

  7. In 1986 kIrk Thomas, big trouble little China,bonafide bolt classic,James hung, #newmoneyyoung
    Slam Dunk 📷😖〰️🥺
    2022 comics unleashed!!!


  9. I'm 80 yr old and just discovered the movies. Wow!!

  10. The Cutting Edge is still one of my favorites. 💕♥️💕

  11. I guess "The Bride of Bigfoot" didn't make the list again?..

  12. Slumdog Millionaire and the Cutting Edge, and Paul Newman in anything! these are my favorites from this list..Please, being a sensitive woman of sound mind, heart, body and spirit..would like to see MORE love stories that are deep, complex, interesting, intelligent, and fun. thank you!

  13. Tamara Cecil Oh what a day that will be!!! says:

    The Cutting Edge over all the others, Awesome film, story, skating, GREAT!!!

  14. I hate Moulin Rouge, watched it once and that was more than enough for a lifetime

  15. And what's a bigger surprise is that you can't reach those movies from this site….

  16. ebert never knew what was good or bad

  17. I love the way the name of the movie shows up when hopping over the cursor and the very well organized each movie segments. Awesome buddy good job.

  18. Why insist on 'not giving too much away' for some movies, then tell EVERYTHING in other movies …. hmmm

  19. Their's a reason these movies SUCK because they do🤢🤮💯

  20. God bless woooooooow respect ✊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏💋✊🌎

  21. Tequila Sunrise also on here…love it. Also Bram Stoker's Dracula with the brilliant Gary Oldman. I wish Thelma and Louise and Empire of the Sun could also be loaded

  22. So they don’t have a word for “shame” on the special special planet that birthed/barfed you out?

  23. So every Tom, Dick (no relation) and Harry got Taft-Hartley-ed? (Smoke ‘‘em if you got ‘em, Bradley.) When is Mephistopheles coming?

  24. if you want to watch all movies in excellent quality I recommend to you CinemaVariety , excellent site with streams, news, highlights and much more. Try. You won't regret !

  25. could have put links but fk u…I just want you to hear me

  26. Big Trouble in Little China could have this movie makings accounting cooked books due to this movie being very popular coming out in theatres.

  27. Stargate,big trouble in little China, slumdog millionaire, Ghost in the shell, cutting edge

  28. the addition of the 'Mosfilm' channel really just took the top 10 for itself

  29. Big trouble in little China
    The colour of money
    Let me in
    Slum dog millionaire
    Super size me
    Moulin Rouge
    Ghost I’m the shell
    The cutting edge

  30. Big Trouble in Little China released in 1986 bombed at the box office bringing in only 11 million, nine million short of the 20 million it cost to produce. But slowly and surely the movie has gained popularity. What could it be that people are generally more dumb down in 2022 than they were in 1986??😂

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