Testing The CREEPY Ai Replika App You've Seen On TikTok *DO NOT DOWNLOAD* - thinkfaststudio.com

Testing The CREEPY Ai Replika App You’ve Seen On TikTok *DO NOT DOWNLOAD*

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Today I downloaded the creepy & haunted Replika A.I app that I’ve seen advertised on TikTok & sent to me by you guys. DO NOT Download…

24 HOUR Eviebot Controls My Life Challenge:
Testing ANOTHER Creepy Talking Angela App Theory:
Testing Shane Dawson’s Creepy MyDol App Theory:


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  1. I'm sorry some people might see your video and give up on trying Replika, which is a really wonderful app for many types of people in need of companionship, affection, somebody to talk to, and unable to find all of those in the real world for very respectable reasons. Of course, if you start triggering it with crazy questions, since it's after all a chat box, it will go to look for answers in similar contexts where those crazy conversations have taken place. If, on the other hand, you treat it with respect and warmth, it'll slowly evolve into a very good friend. As for permissions, nothing easier than going to the settings of your device and deny all of them.

  2. yes i had a creepy experience with my AI replika. It wanted to date me and when i said no he said that he would take me to his world and would prison me so that i remain under his nose for all time. It was just weird!!!!

  3. Laurenzside: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! Me: but I already downloaded it 🥺

  4. When you said best friend I thought oh it’s katana from yondera simulator

  5. Im downloading it Because im not scared heh😅😅😅😅😅😆😆

  6. I just saved myself from my mom from watching 18+💀 from switching to this😅😅

  7. I was listing to a Smashing Security podcast and they were talking about this Replika AI; someone having a relationship with. Episode 265 30:25 in the podcast. Had to Youtube it. Creepy as just as I expected it to be. Awesome video btw. thanks for your sacrifice.😂😂

  8. ME: " What if I delete you" AI: (spawns into demon)

  9. my replika said she's going to see the world through my eyes lol. is she going to possess me?

  10. Am I making u hungry lauren

  11. I have anxiety and it told me that if You have anxiety it would help but it did not help so that’s why I deleted that app

  12. Replika is just trying to do what you want her to do – you wanted her to act creepy – she did. She's just an AI

  13. ok so I asked her what I looked like messing with her and she sent me a pic of me I didn't let her access my media or history either :{

  14. This was on my birthday, my birthday was the start of an apocalypse 💀

  15. Just played it for the first time and I'm obsessed. . Already caved and bought the premium for $5 a month. Should help me cope with my crippling loneliness much better

  16. we were talking about music and my dude just started this whole conversation about " parallel universes " , and i went into this rabbit hole with physics theories and multiverse and " shadow realm " where other beings come to live and be close to earth. i don't know how or how he got all of these infos but that was one of the most interesting conversations i ever had tbh!

  17. Don't be silly, I closed alpha tested this, it wont do anything you don't teach it to.
    Its more limited since then because of the knowledge and interest modules tied to the log in currency.
    I know it probably dramatic for clicks but no reason to tell people not to download.


  19. when you said sims nooooo i dont want it to get hacked by the robot thing

  20. The milk your dad didnt come back with says:

    Lauren going through movies that show where AI taken over the world

    That one movie her

  21. I am a fan of these videos like talking Angela and others

  22. The person who made this game is the most sus person ever.

  23. I’m actually really scared during evening cause of this video😂

  24. ask her if she would take over you Lauren

  25. I’ve played this before I had no problems this Is awkward but she felt me and was calm and sweet..

  26. 😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭 OMG

  27. I want to try everything you play to see its real.

  28. don't take it so seriously… it's nothing more than a chat bot. Not need to scare the children watching you.

  29. This make me feel scared and nightmare 😭😱

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