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I’m testing every free drawing app I could find that wasn’t gonna give my iPad a heccin virus and then I’m slapping those babies into a Tiermaker list.

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  1. In Ibis Paint you CAN export the speedpaint. If you tap on the drawing then the 3 dots it will allow you to export movie so yes

  2. i use sketchbook alot of the time, and a made a cute duck!

  3. What app do you recommend to a starter that just started drawing??? Im not sure which one i should choose!

  4. I wanted to use sketchbook and Ibis paint but If I have both of them download my iPad will explode don't ask how I found that out but I'm more used to sketchbook so I use that also adds bug my alot so yea

  5. Can we talk about the fact that she's charging her iPad at 100%

  6. I love lbis paint and win i draw with a pen i draw with my left hand and win i draw with my table i draw with my right hand

  7. It would be nice to see a part 2 of this video possibly with my programme, medibang paint!

  8. Lavendertowne I drew all of this on one layer
    Me a traditional artist '_'

  9. The ibispaint ads aren't like u think it, you watch one and and you get all of them for a while.
    Also you can download a speedpaing from the same place you get a PNG of it, if u did it like that idk what the issue was. Mine is fine but like I did pirate the full version, mainly because I wanted to be able to rearrange my art. The brush interface looked different on yours than mine did back when I used the free version, so you might have an old version or something

  10. 2 year olds: dont shame my favowite app its duh best

  11. I use the 2nd and was really excited to see what youd think about it!

  12. I the exactly moment Lavender was talking about Ibis Paint, the commecial just suddly came into my face

  13. Even if the app is bad she still draws a masterpiece!

  14. 9:32 You can export the speed paint. It is put as a 'movie' and it is in the export section once you exit the drawing (usually used to export the photo). You can even choose how many seconds long it is!

  15. in ibis pain there is a feture to export and you can even choose how long you want the video. you click the square with the arrow on the top right corner and choose to export it as movie. at least thats how it works on mobile.

  16. I love Ibis paint for all my phone art on it you can take a pic form your gally and paint it or make it look nicer I love it I was hopeing u liked it too

  17. To export an Ibis Paint sped video you gotta click the 3 dots by the edit button, and it'll give you choices of somethings along with the export button

  18. The second one I us it a lot and it really good

  19. How did she not see the export feature right at the top :/

  20. I draw using the Autodesk drawing app on my phone since I don't have an Ipad. It works really well for me personally.

  21. And ı just looked when you post this video maybe you know it uhh ı should really stop commenting without looking the date T.T

  22. Good thing I have both of the good ones

  23. 18 hours is good enough for the brushes. It's literally more than half a day my guy

  24. I think I could be there, by her side to teach her how to use all the things that Ibis has

    Vibe check hands i know it's a 2 year vídeo

  25. I am literally the worst at drawing but ye I’m save this video and draw my oc on every app to see where she looks better and then ima use that app B)
    I use a Samsung tablet that has a VERY CRACKED SCREEN to where I could take it off if I wanted to I’m gonna try to replace the screen today and it would be very nice if I had like a I pad but mah parents won’t let me buy one :,)

  26. Mk I thin k they would be better apps out there for me but I think that ima just chill in ibis paint for now because I don’t draw with colors

  27. iBis user heh, yeah those ad brushes are weird. That's why I'm One Brush Man

  28. I used to use sketches but now I use sketchbook lol

  29. Why not Krita on Ipad?
    I saw you had some unknown issues with Krita on your mac, but that was years ago. Surely by now both Krita and Apple resolved those issues.

  30. u can export the speed paint just so u know <3

  31. On Ibis paint if you have no internet connection you can get all the festures for free no adds

  32. So what's the moral of the story?
    I need to keep ibis paint

  33. Dr.Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan Swaron says:

    Can u plssssss try anime maker

  34. i feel like the longer ur on ibis paint, the better and better it gets. i use ibis paint and its amazing. the ad bar isnt actually annoying once u start actually drawing and ibis paint was actually made to draw anime but it's used for alot of different things too! i dont do drawing that much but i still go on the app ALOT

    btw when you watch the add you can use all the brushes for free for 18 hrs not just that one brush and when the time runs out you can just watch the add again
    and im pretty sure u can download the recording and u can also slow down the recording but it's defaulted to super fast

  35. I'm surprised someone else has the exact same ranking of drawing apps as I have

  36. It's actually not that you have to watch an ad for every seperate tool, one ad is all the brushes for 18 hours. (I love Ibispaint X btw, I use it for my YouTube channel)

  37. For sketchbook there is a left handed version

  38. I’m pretty sure on the IbisPaint app there’s an option to use like rulers and stuff, that you can trace over for like a perfect line or circle and you can adjust all of that. You can also add backgrounds for comics too im pretty sure and that’s kinda cool

  39. There’s three dots at the top in the corner over your drawing and if you press make movie you can get a video of you drawing in ibis paint!

  40. As a IBIS user I totally agree with all of that she said! The ads are weird and cheap and I’m also allways looking for my brushes. But you can aswell save the videos. I have before and one of my drawings is up on my channel with the video and all. All you have to do is click the save button and go to save video (60 secs) and press save. Love your videos so muchhh x. Love ya

  41. "They paywalled the Layers"

    MS Paint painters: I see that as an absolute win

  42. Just to say when I watch this I was using I just paint and I loved it but when I saw her cons I kind of feel sad but now that I’m using procreate I can see why she saying it

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