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I’m testing every free drawing app I could find that wasn’t gonna give my iPad a heccin virus and then I’m slapping those babies into a Tiermaker list.

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  1. Ibis paint is beneficial. Change my mind.

  2. me using ibis to draw everything : YES YES S TIEERRRR

  3. YAY IBISPAINT WINS CUZ I ALWAYS USE THAT AND I'M still learning 😭 i wanted to learn! Cuz i've been learning since 3 yrs ago i think im proud of myself 😭

  4. adobe sketch has more tools if you press the plus on the tool bar

  5. if you use regular ibispaint u dont need any perscriptions for anything no ads but u need to pay for the app

  6. Omg she said painterly-

    Does anyone know moriah elizabeth?

  7. Sketchbook also has a text thing with fonts, and they have a lot, but you might have not seen because it's just a T.


  9. I have ibis paint, the worst part is that we don't have blend

  10. ibis paint x is honestly the only drawing app ive used for a long time, i use it so much but never complete drawings usually :')

  11. I used to draw with my finger on ibis paint x and I made some pretty cool things!

  12. I loved the app Ibis paint even tho they have adds I still use it

  13. If you do another episode, try medibang paint and painter

  14. Ibis is really good for a free drawing app. My only complaints is that the pro version isn’t really worth it because procreate is worth the same.

  15. I use sketchbook. I also have ibis paint. Both are really nice.


  16. tip for ibis
    for hair shading i add a flat colour then add a darker version of it above and a lighter one below then i get the smudge tool and set it on hair and just use it

  17. the way to export the videos is the little share button thingy next to the … and the play button

  18. lol if u watch only one add u are literally getting all of the brushes for free for hours

  19. you can export Ibis Paint's video on the 3 dots on the top, and then tapping "Import Mp4"

  20. U can export the speedpaints in ibis paint
    Ghe box in the top right corner with an arrow jn jt, click MOV (movie) , select how long u want it to be and then u can watch it back while it downloads

  21. I actually agree about ibis Paint. Intrusive and forced ads or paywalls aggravate me so much I want to toss the device at the wall.

  22. Ibis is my drawing app, as I don’t have a good computer to use, and as a long-time Ibis user (lol) I can say that it’s a really good app! It’s easy to use if your a beginner, and people who’ve practiced create beautiful pieces of art
    God, I sound like I’m promoting the app

  23. not me just now learning that sketchbook has a fill tool-

  24. Surprisingly I actually already Have :ibisPaint X: before I watch this video lol and yes it’s an amazing app in my opinion :]

  25. Im VERY Happy ibisPaint is S Rank, its the app i use for all my drawings! (Helpful tip!: If you use an Adblocker you can avoid ads all together! Cool right?)(sadly not the ad at the top, just the ones for videos)

  26. There is a button in the top left on sketchbook for undoing, also the non blending must be a glitch I believe

  27. i was drawwing while just letting you vids play in the backround and i heard autodesk and thats what i do it is very good im my opinian
    ( sorry about my english)

  28. Me: "wants to draw a tree or anything"
    Ibis paint: I got the brush. You don't have to draw it.

  29. I used sketches for an entire year cuz it was the only drawing app Available on my school iPad!!! I quickly got around the layers things by duplicating the layers and erasing anything on it!!!

  30. You can actually export the speed paint in ibis paint
    Click the 3 dots and click export video

  31. 9:35
    When you select the artwork you want (the same way you do when wanting to watch the video or edit it) you press on the circle with the i in it. There you will be able to upload it to the online gallery. After you upload it to the gallery, there is some blue text at the bottom and when you tap on it the speedpaint video saves

  32. personally, i use medibang paint since there are no paywalls, very few ads, and tons of features. like, there's a text tool, blend layers, comic panels, etc. it's really good if you draw like me (on a tablet using my finger bc im broke) but it also works for drawing tablets. the only big issue is that you need to save like crazy because crashes are pretty frequent

  33. I love Sketchbook! I use it for a lot of my drawings when I am taking them seriously as I’ve been using it a lot, and I I only just started using Procreate and am still learning

  34. Ibis Paint is the only drawing app I have free, and I had no idea how to do those other stuff, so now I'm trying it now-
    (Before I tried it)
    Edit: I also love how you can make it how you could make a photo and just trace it on Ibis paint bc I'm bad at drawing-

  35. one i recommend is medabang paint. its been my go to for almost 3 years, and is pretty much free, besides if you Wana buy special brushes, and works like a dream. i believe it is on apple and android.

  36. IBS just doesn’t get that much attention and I’m so happy someone included it 🙂

  37. I do believe that sketchbook has a text button

  38. The ad is actually for 1 ad is for EVERYTHING for free for 18 HOURS so just by watching one in the morening can get it free for the whole day

  39. also if you watch the ad you unlock all of the brushes for i think 12 hrs

  40. You can actually save the video and if you watch the add you get all of them for free for 18h

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