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Take down this video, Nintendo. I dare you. – Switch games on Steam Deck

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Nintendo made news for taking down YouTubers so much as showing emulation of Switch titles on Steam Deck. We’re taking it a step further and showing you how to do it. The right way.

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro & Switch games on the Steam Deck!
3:33 Why we blurred the gameplay (floatplane.com)
4:00 Why should you do this?
4:40 How to jailbreak your switch & pull games off of it
8:41 How to setup the Steam Deck & emulator
11:13 Drawbacks & benefits
12:00 Disclaimer about legality & piracy


  1. After seven months the video is still up. Impressive 👍

  2. I love how you say “one word, jail break” when they are actually two words.

  3. I’m sure Nintendo will change their ways soon and let us play old games… or at least I hope so.

  4. steam deck of course there is no competition.!!

  5. I already own all the games, I just want high resolutions and better performance.. and mods.. it gives me a reason to keep playing the games

  6. The fact you need a third party accessory ( 5:25 ) to launch the BOOT MENU is just awesome

  7. It’s really cool that people have been making Switch emulation on Deck a really robust thing, but personally I don’t mind carrying around both my switch and my deck with me, if it means I get updates easier, full online capabilities, and all of my games work more seamlessly.
    Maybe in the future when more switch games come out that actually benefit from higher frame rates/resolutions though.

  8. I don't even like talking about it because of Nintendo's reputation, but I just put nearly 180 hours into BotW on my PC and the game ran perfectly at a 4k internal resolution with no aliasing and a rock solid 60 fps the entire time. Emulation is fucking incredible and the developers are angels sent from gamer heaven. Honestly, emulation should be a wake up call to Nintendo to stop making underpowered hardware and for other companies to re-release old games on PC and newer consoles (like MGS4).

  9. Bruh I tried switch emulation on steam deck it couldn’t even run splatoon 2 octo Expansion at 360p with antialiasing off. Far from the switch killer just say it’s a cool way to play pc games cuz that’s the best thing it does.

  10. Nintendo suck, and their fan boys and fangirls make me hate them much more.

    This guide sadly won't make the switch redundant given the casuals who think Nintendo are the only video game company in the world, but it beats playing their games on their hardware.

  11. "50cc because I'm a games journalist" lmao

  12. If you already have roms then you won't have to jail break a Switch. If you're using Yuzu then it should run fine

  13. This is amazing, nonetheless I just rather get the switch with me as it is a handheld as well anyway (emulators are never as good as the originals), who knows maybe when I buy a Steam Deck I will change my mind. But it is interesting how Nintendo hasn’t taken this video out…

  14. Can you play apex legends ? To see if it improves the games graphics ?

  15. Whay be 100 times better than game pass. Nintendo pass.

  16. Great guide. Need to redo mine. Really wish id bought another v1 to keep on ice.

  17. When using DB Installer, I can't get my PC to recognize the Switch. Is this a driver issue? I heard it could be cables, but it works perfectly for injecting payloads with Tegra, but fails to recognize with DB Installer.

  18. This is perfect for me since I plan on getting a Steam Deck very soon. I honestly don't care for anything by Nintendo other than their Metroid and Bayonetta series, and I don't want to buy a switch just to play those games

  19. Welp, I found my Switch is an early enough model and found another reason to get a back up switch that isn't just pokemon trading with myself..

  20. Wow all that work just to suck game data from the card instead of literally just getting them from the internet.

  21. Watching this 7 months later, and the video is still up. Let's hope it stays that way~~~

  22. No matter what settings I change or whatt hacks I try, nothing gets botw or pokemon violet to play at even a solid 30fps. Pokemon drops into teens so much, it's annoying. And idk how else to fix it. I've done all the tutorials and hacks like cryoutilities, changing umma, installing decky. Changing scale and resolution. Nothing works. So I'll keep playing my switch for now.

  23. Why did he say don’t put the switch back into WiFi mode? Btw I ain’t doing any of this crap. I’m just curious and listening

  24. Well I think nintendo is picky with what will they take down. Mostly those are the roms that are being sold online from websites. But a website that has a free download for roms in most cases are fine. Now coming to the steam deck, I do think that Nintendo considers the deck to be a non-threat and will never bother with steam or any of its "consoles". The switch is already the top 3rd console of all time and its not gonna slow down that much anytime soon. What bothers me is not nintendo taking down stuff like that, i mean it's literally their properties and they can take down stuff, but I hope that before they do that they upgrade their hardware a whole lot more so that nothing can emulate recent intendo games anymore. Well the steam deck can't emulate the switch very well, so again a nonthreat and only a few people actually would build high end PCs just to emulate the switch lol. If anything nintendo should be worried about their fans not getting enough

  25. Lol that's why Sega died. Nintendo knows what they doing.

  26. Mario crashes ever 10 minutes or 2 hours, i think it is anti alias.

  27. Is it possible to legally buy game files and keys? On the internet ? Or you still need a hard copy in the first gen switch?

  28. Nearly 8 months and I see the video hasn't been taken down. Damn.

  29. "Im not kidding when I say this video might be gone by tomorrow" * me watching this 7 months later *

  30. Hoped this would be simpler and not require me to actually own a switch already.. at least it's possible I guess.

  31. Nintendo shutting down fan games is a jerk move, look at Sega, they hired those people!

  32. I don’t give a fuck ab the downsides of the steam deck if my games will infinitely run better than the shit hardware of the switch

  33. 8 months later i got my Steam Deck after selling my Switch (not before exporting my game backups off my console)

  34. Curious question. What happens if you don't turn off wifi and you proceeded farther?

  35. XDDDDDD only reason id play nintendo games on the switch is so i dont have to buy a switch, so by needing to find a jail broken switch, well i might as well buy a switch

  36. I love the fact this video is still up. I remember watching it the day it came out loving my steam deck.

  37. I'm glad the video is still up after months of chickening out. I used to just run Android for RetroArch and casting sometimes. But I also want to try the emulators, and a simple guide like this helped a lot to just get a copy of the software I bought.
    Btw, could have a "doing this on Linux" appendix at the end.
    Thanks LTT.

  38. Am I just as well selling my switch if I get a steam deck?

    I want a steam deck but also dont want to miss out on the new Zelda

  39. theres no way people really be out here believing that the switchs motion controls are better than the steamdecks. thats cap af bruh lol

  40. I'm trying to trade my Nintendo switch for a steam deck and can't wait till I do 😊 anyone wanna trade I have a bunch of games 😅


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