Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct -

Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct

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It’s been 35 years since the first Super Mario Bros. game was released! Check out the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct for news on upcoming Super Mario games and products releasing before Spring 2021!

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  1. This is a year old. This was one of the first “directs” I sat down and watched. Dang it still feels like Mario 35 only shut down yesterday.

  2. this direct was for 35 years of super mario… but like… we only had ports from games that already existed… and they were for limited time only… the only thing that u can still buy is super mario 3d world… and i will probrably buy only because of multiplayer and the new bowser fury game mode,

  3. March 31st: 3D All Stars die!

  4. This was my favorite direct that they’ve made!

  5. Mario 3D world was easily one of my favorite games on the Switch

  6. They finally remade one of my favorite Wii U games….

  7. Coming announce Mario movie project Universal Pictures in 2022.

  8. If you really think about it we are really close to the 50th anniversary. (Of course 14 years is still a long time)

  9. 8:55 This is when I got So hyped

    10:06 But this is when I got so excited, I woke up Japan. (This is supposed to be a joke, so please note I'm not being offensive.)

  10. The subtitles during the 3D world segment is killing me


  12. Nintendo you should really add Pokémon gundone to the Nintendo switch

  13. Its been over a year and this direct is still crazy to behold. Can't believe it wasnt a fever dream

  14. I hope we get more of these types of directs that has so much focused on one game series.
    (But I’d rather have more of the Mario directs)

  15. That is a lot of Mario merch, and new Games getting revealed.

  16. I remember wanting to buy a Wii u for SM3DW, and I recently finished it! It’s super fun ngl

  17. I swear when I saw galaxy show up I shed a tear of joy. I love galaxy to death bro.

  18. Honestly, the best thing about the anniversary in my opinion was the Splatfest considering they have not done one since. (Understandably)

  19. As much as i love this collection it doesn't feel right to not add Mario Galaxy 2.
    This really made me sad….
    It was still amazing to play those 3 games again on the switch 🙂

  20. I love the game and watch, and this video is how I learned what the game and watch is. 3D world coming back was cool, too

  21. Hard To believe it's been a year and a few months since this happened, time really does fly by

  22. happy to have 3d world on switch now. i bought the wii u on launch

  23. I cant believe this was almost 2 years ago already.

  24. Remember when Nintendo decided to celebrate Legend of Zelda's 35th anniversary with a livestream and gave it just as much love??

    Oh wait… They didn't. 😐

  25. My first Super Mario game was New Super Mario Bros. Wii. back when I got almost 10 years ago.

  26. How much dollars does it cost please be lower please buy for me

  27. Super Mario Bros NES October 1985
    Wrecking Crew NES October 1985
    Donkey Kong NES June 1986
    Donkey Kong 3 NES June 1986
    Donkey Kong Jr NES June 1986
    Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels NES June 1986
    Mario Bros NES June 1986
    Super Mario Bros 2 NES October 1988
    Super Mario Bros 3 NES February 1990
    Punch Out Featuring Mr Dream NES August 1990
    Dr Mario NES October 1990
    Super Mario World Super NES August 1991
    NES Open Tournament Golf NES September 1991
    Yoshi NES June 1992
    Super Mario Kart Super NES September 1992
    Super Mario All Stars Super NES August 1993
    Donkey Kong Country Super NES November 1994
    Wario Woods NES December 1994
    Mario’s Super Picross Super NES September 1995
    Super Mario World 2 Yoshi Island Super NES October 1995
    Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy’s Kong Quest Super NES November 1995
    Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 September 1996
    Donkey Kong Country 3 Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble Super NES November 1996
    Mario Kart 64 Nintendo 64 February 1997
    Yoshi’s Story Nintendo 64 March 1998
    Mario Tennis Nintendo 64 August 2000
    Paper Mario Nintendo 64 February 2001
    Dr Mario 64 Nintendo 64 April 2001
    Super Mario Sunshine GameCube Nintendo August 2002
    Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Wii November 2007
    New Super Mario Bros U Nintendo Wii U November 2012
    New Super Luigi U Nintendo Wii U June 2013
    Super Mario 3D World Nintendo Wii U November 2013
    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Nintendo Wii U February 2014
    Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Wii U May 2014
    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo Wii U December 2014

  28. Ware mario galaxy 2
    Ware new super Mario 2
    And the new mario game is dlc for 3d world

  29. Hey remember when this Direct featured stuff we could play

  30. Mario 3d world kinda sounds like the Mario 3d world theme in Christmas LOL

  31. Wait… What about the cancelled spiritual successor to Super Mario Land, which is not to be confused with Super Mario Land 2? I think it's Super Mario World GB

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