Start Survey? - Complete a Creepy Survey & Question Your Life in this Tense Little Horror Game! -

Start Survey? – Complete a Creepy Survey & Question Your Life in this Tense Little Horror Game!

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Start Survey? – Complete a Creepy Survey & Question Your Life in this Tense Little Horror Game!
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  1. "Do you believe there is a god"

    checks around the room

  2. 4:14 – On the first viewing I somehow missed the shadow man on the desk

  3. i like how this game is made to scare the viewers but literally the ending is unexpected lol

  4. Next what is happening 😫😫😫😫😨😓😰😱

  5. Start survey?
    Are you human?
    Please click each image containing an airplane

  6. Wonder if this game has different ending like they do these days

  7. really cool idea for a game, but i was disappointed by the ending

  8. When the question ask “ do you know the person behind you? “

    i exit the full screen

  9. There’s a short video where it’s not a video game?

  10. I feel like this is a really really cool idea and scene. Having the protag’s back exposed to a dark room is a cool, very scary touch.
    But the questions use too many different angles/scary concepts to pull it off, at least for me.
    I love this, but combining “existential-questioning” fear with “survival-what-if-I’m-not-really-alone” fear with “internet-based-supernatural” fear makes it feel not quite right. Still love it tho

  11. If the lights went out would you be scared?

    Me and my nyctophilia: 👁👄👁

  12. Game : starts doing horror right
    Also game : throw the horror out the window and doesn't use my stress

  13. I’m sitting in front of a computer at work watching this. When it asked if you knew the person standing behind you I aggressively looked into my computers reflection only to remember I’m backed up by a wall 😅

  14. Do u know the person standing behind you?
    Man gone completely frozen

  15. Why is nobody talking about the potential ABG reference when he opens up the file? It can't be coincidence that it's basically his logo attached to each other a bunch of times.

  16. this guy: sometimes before answering an question looks at the door
    me for no reason: P A N I C A T T A C C

  17. My friends forced me to play this I was shook

  18. Game: says my name Me: clicks life delete

  19. this is really cool they have one like this on roblox

  20. i want play gestion creepy games but don't exist

  21. My answers:

    "Are you having a good day?"

    For some reason.. i am, nothing that made me hate the world for no reason happened 😀

    "Do you have many responsibilities?"

    I don't thinks so, i have a baby cat and i have to start school but nothing for me to be so worried about.. yet

    "Look around for a moment"


    "Are you familiar with your surroundings?"

    Yes i do

    "Do you know where you are?"

    Yes, I'm in my father's house

    "Have you ever had a panic attack?"

    Please no

    "Do you find yourself questioning your existence?"

    I don't know if this counts but sometimes i wonder if all is a dream, if this is just a movie and everyone's acting and when i d!e means that my role or the movie ended

    "Do you believe there's a God?"

    Well… I don't know, it's a complicated question.. I'm not a religious person and/or i don't think there's an actual God that's watching over us and all… But i do think that people need someone/something to believe into and have hope since the world is pretty messed up

    "Are you answering these questions out of free will?"


    "Are you certain?"

    … Yes?

    "Do you feel comfortable in your room"


    "If the lights went out, would you be scared :)?"

    …………. n o



    "Have you ever wondered when you will d!e?"



    THANKS 👍🏻 *grabs my cat for safety*


    *Sees the door open*

    ….. c h i l e e. . . a n y w a y s s o

    "Have you cleaned your desk lately?"

    .. i s n o b o d y g o i n g t o a s k a b o u t t h e d o o r ?

    "Open the folder on your desk"

    *Sees a picture of a high purple capricorn alien*

    …no *slams folder on the desk* no no no no *starts getting up of the chair*

    "Do you recognize the contents of the folder?"

    nO oF CoUrSe NoT

    "Do you have internet access?"


    "Do you have any enemies?"

    Blue Scorpios (me being an scorpio myself)

    "If you suddenly went missing, would anybody come looking for you?"

    I hope yes?

    "Are you alone?"

    ..idk 🙂

    "If you screamed, would anybody hear?"

    My mom and my brother would.. i think

    "Do you know the person standing behind you?"

    …. i ' m n o t t u r n i n g a r o u n d

    "Are you alone?"

    nO I'm with my cat

    "Relax 🙂 take some time to relax"


    "Are you relaxed?"

    No >:(

    "Are you feeling real and not programed by a machine?"

    …uumm yes >:'( ?

    "Is there a meaning to life?"

    I mean… WE give life it's own meaning to make us.. maybe feel better about life, to just keep going or just to answer the question… So yeah i guess

    "Do you know who you are yet?"

    Uuhh… A human ?

    "Do you know what's happening?"

    Yes? I'm in the computer playing a frickin game that's almost interrogating me >:(

    "If you were told the truth of your existence, would you deny it in hopes for a better answer?"

    I mean… Probably but if i can't change it then it doesn't make sense hoping for any better

    "Neruiko :)?" "wait-" (don't laugh at me for this)


    "When i ask questions, is it really you answering?"


    "If i could prove you that you're not sentient, would you be shocked?"

    Prove it first

    "Do you want to know the truth"

    No thanks👍🏻
    (game ends)

  22. Eh, tacky ending put on a game that was trying to be a tense horror game. Felt like the creator didn't know how to end the game so went with a weird plot twitst. Why try to be spooky and horror-like and then have the end be a "revelation" type you see in shit like the matrix? Doesn't make sense and it could have been a lot better.

  23. 6:44 me: ah hell na ah hell na ah hell na ah hell na ah hell na ah hell na ah hell na

  24. That part I like about this game is how it just randomly picks an image in your computer.
    The results can be funny or terrifying depending which image it chooses

  25. "Are you alone?"
    "You won't last 40 seconds playing this game"

  26. Me being scared and I'm not even the one who is playing

  27. This is the best quality i’ve seen, better than the other YouTubers when they played it 😭

  28. Moral story: When explore the dark web, it has full of criminals, con artists and gangsters.

    But they all don't mind for solving unwanted corruptions for help.

  29. "Have you ever panic attack!? "

  30. “Do you like anime?”
    Me: Yes.
    “Do you also watch Hentai?”
    Me: YES!
    “Would you be scared If someone was scrolling through your browsing history on any device?”
    Me: Oh, ummm… well, uhhh… No? 👀💦
    “Do you perhaps watch a video called: 2 Femboys Does a fourway with furry Stepmom pegging and Stepsister who is a fut—“
    Me: Throws Laptop out of Window OK! SURVEYS OVER! Imma go to bed now! 😀

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