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Splatoon 3 | With Viewers! Custom Lobbies! Come Join. | Live

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Welcome to the channel! The name’s UGLY SQUID, otherwise referred to as UGGMUGG and I’m a variety gaming streamer! I’m planning to branch out to more genres in the near future, so be sure to stay tuned!

I stream nearly every day, and I also do occasional special streams on weekends.

Consider liking if you’re enjoying the stream, maybe even a sub if possible 🙂


1. Please be respectful to me and other viewers in the chat. Harassment, spamming, and toxic behavior will not be tolerated. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it in the chat.

2. Keep the chat PG-13 ish

3. Please don’t spoil the game or reveal major plot points for me or other viewers.

4. No self-promotion or spamming links in the chat, except if it’s for a raid or a shoutout.

5. Please don’t ask for mod or ask how to become a mod. If I’m looking for mods, I will make an announcement in stream, and asking for it will lessen your chances of becoming a mod.

6. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the stream!

The rules listed were basic guidelines, but please use common sense as well.

We now have a streamlabs loyalty store! It shows all the commands available for streams – Feel free to take a look:

How to earn points: Be active in chat, you can even earn just by watching/lurking
How to redeem commands: “!redeem (command)”


Consider becoming a member! 🦑

My Socials 🦑

Thanks for taking the time to read the description! 💚

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  1. Striving if u see this I just hope your proud of me of getting terry also ugg your mid for ending stream

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