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Splatoon 1 – The Final Hours…

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When this stream starts around 7p.m. eastern, the Splatoon servers will have one hour left to live… lets end it how we started it, with some turf war with you viewers…

Nintendo ID: andrew0202

Chat Rules:
1. No bullying of any kind. This includes no slurs of any kind.
2. Be respectful and use common courtesy.
3. No self-promotion.
4. No spamming of any kind.
5. No sharing of personal information such as real names, drama, location, etc.
6. Listen to rotation rules. If you do not, this will potentially lead to a ban/block.
7. Rage quitting will result in an instant ban/block.
8. Do not tell me the view count, it gives me anxiety.
9. Good Vibes Only!

Note: Due to swearing and suggestive humor, my content is intended for a 16+ audience.
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  1. There's some people that are still playing to this point!

  2. Jackogien, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your livestream last night, I was asleep and I know it's really sad. 😔🙏🏻💖

  3. Omg I was there for the last 45 minutes of splat 1! I never got to play the og splatoon cuz I don’t have a Wii U… and I was literally sobbing last night… Nintendo: Severs are in maintenance… Estimated restoration time: NEVER… how fluffing sad! Back when there was only one hair style for each gender, when Callie and Marie were the news hosts… it is the end of a freaking era dude! 😭 Stay fresh, Jack and everyone else!

  4. I thought that Callie and Marie were going to give us a goodbye message… but Jack gave us one instead 😭🥺🤧

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