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Spider Man 2 New Game Plus Update Gameplay…

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spider man 2 update (spider man 2 ps5 update)
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00:00 New Features
10:55 New Game Plus
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  1. Miles looks like a clown 😂😂😂 go figure

  2. I did new game plus and it won’t let me pick suits level has reset and gadgets reset

  3. I was hoping they would let us change the color of Peter’s mechanical arms, at least the blue glow.

  4. When I start up my new game plus I don’t get all my suits and upgrades in stuff like I didn’t press new game plus how do I fix this

  5. "The power of the PlayStation in the palm of my hand."
    — PSOck.

  6. BTW, I'm never switching to another skin other than Sam Raimi's Venom suit. So I'm keeping on default black tendrils.

  7. I don’t have that weather changing update, every time I try to look for more updates it says it’s up to date.

  8. I'm play marvel Spiderman 2 my name Three B on PlayStation app

  9. No new skills for NG+
    Did I miss something?

    Also, there was a glitch in the base game that didn't showcase quick time button prompts when u turn hints off.
    I hope they fixed it for NG+, coz those hints are intrusive and it's logical that the player has some muscle memory about what to do

  10. 16:35 Lag when the sandman takes a breath, it seems like it's a bug after the update, because I also experienced it

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