Spades 247 Free Online Card Game (No Downloads) -

Spades 247 Free Online Card Game (No Downloads)

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There’s one major difference between Spades 247 and Play Ok Spades: in latter, you get to play with real players. In Spades 247 you’re playing with AI, which is as smart as you want it to be. There are 4 difficulty levels. However, human players are capable of surprising you every now and then. You miss that in 247.
Unlike in Spades 247, you may have to wait a long time in Play Ok to get into a table. You may create your own table, but then you’ll have to wait for the other players to find it and join. Frustrated with the long waiting, I’ve left the game countless times.
In Spades 247 the winning score is 500. I usually play in apps like Spades Plus, Spades Masters etc, where it is 100 (depending on the table you’re choosing). So Spades 247 is like a card game marathon to me. When I started playing, I wasn’t aware of it. After some time, I was wondering why the game’s still going on. Then I found it in a pop up. The developers want the players a little longer in their site, and it’s perfectly understandable. Spades 247 is entirely free. The on-page ads are the primary source of revenue. The ad placements are such that it never interferes with the gameplay.

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