Sledgehammer RESPONDS To Vanguard HATE & New Season 1 Reloaded Download & DLC Map Update Revealed! -

Sledgehammer RESPONDS To Vanguard HATE & New Season 1 Reloaded Download & DLC Map Update Revealed!

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Sledgehammer Games RESPONDS To Vanguard HATE & New Season 1 Reloaded Download & Update Revealed!

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  1. The one Christmas skin doesn't load up right not the Vinderland one but the one that comes with h the elf in game it gives you a completely different operater and in the pregame lobby your Pollina

  2. Floating bodies, is wat i been experiencing like i died 4 times and my body was just floating not on a box or anything u know but then I kinda said to myself it comes and goes tht bug, like for example Cold War except they fixed tht cause the game runs so fast

  3. I would like a ball turret gunner. Would be fun to shoot down.

  4. Give sledgehammer some respect they did basically restart as a company if you remember they are doing good the game isn't bad either just simple issues

  5. SHG Games cod vanguard is worse cod game we have got

  6. Warzone on consoles need to fix because of crashing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and also others issues

  7. It’s their jobs, human or not they did not give us a break on price because of our mental health, the broken game still costs 70+ dollars right, stop defending people for not doing their jobs to the BEST of their ability, more people quit their jobs then ever last year that should say something, btw I’m a mechanic so no I do not feel sorry for them irregardless of working conditions. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll produce and they are not doing that at all we are getting close to SEASON 2 and the game is still broken

  8. They need to fix the horrid visibility this game has… it’s unacceptable for visual impaired players such as myself.

  9. One of my biggest issues is how ridiculously long it takes to go up 1 tier in the battle pass when playing regular mp, whereas 2 matches of warzone usually gets you 1 tier. It's clear their main focus is warzone, while normal mp takes a back seat.

  10. I play on console. It takes a minute for my gun to appear when I pick it up or when I’m in the gulag.

    Great that they’re updating the game but sucks that they release games unfinished

  11. Ill never play multiplayer again lol it's Time to hang it up it's dead

  12. Be respectful? You realize that this is the same company that randomly laid off QA staff for no reason. This company is ridiculous and I am sorry but customer is king and they should to the least came in to fix the console and the other major fix.

  13. A issue that happen to me is weapon camo system it's broken and I can't get gold on it

  14. Sledgehammer should take a sledgehammer and knock there studios down, because all of the Call of Duties made by them have been why below standards compared to the other other Call of Duties made by the other studios.

  15. 10 attachments vanguard weapons for warzone needs to change to 5 attachments

  16. The ball gunner is a type turret on the bottom of a bomber plane

  17. How about either remove Gamma Bombs or make Flak Jacket worth a dick

  18. I play on ps5 and use PS4 modern warfare disc and my game crashes 1 every 5 games (warzone) with many bugs aswell, warzone is broken and almost impossible it takes 15mins in pre game lobby to load a game and on rebirth I’m getting 10 people lobbies shame but only got themselves to blame

  19. It's so funny how the past 6 years the call of duty community was complaining about wanting it more realistic.. now they want a thropy system in a game set durning WW2?

  20. 4:39 ya guys please leave these million dollar company alone they’re humans too🥴🥴

  21. I understand their humans, but still i payed money for a game that should be playable

  22. Don’t care if they are humans they shouldn’t have gave us woke ww2 garbage.

  23. Sledgehammer devs didn't do there jobs to begin with there are people out there who bust there ass doing construction and they only get Christmas and sometimes new years off and some people don't even get that while these devs can sit on there ass copy and paste another game and get a longer break its not right.

  24. I do feel bad for the devs and everyone involved in making the game, they’re doing their best, it’s more their bosses that I want some change in also the release schedule. If activision made the cod release schedule a 2-3 year between games, it’d give the devs more time to perfect the game and not have the bugs that they did with the current game, updates are fine, but come on the cycle has been going on for ages can’t we just break it for once?

  25. Can’t wait to play zombies when there’s actual content lol

  26. I hate they’re always using recycled content

  27. I been playing warzone on pc and it crashes on me before I get to the main menu

  28. Only changes I want are WZ pacific added to vanguards files. A pause in zombies and to remove the portal cutscene for any objective where you remain on the red star map. Maybe even a new feature where you open all the map with objectives but can then just survive through rounds.

  29. No … they make the game to make money… And they already took millions from the consumer… while they get paid for fixing mistakes THEY MADE!!!

  30. I'm playing at 120fps in warzone on console. May be just cause of the ps5 tho. But warzone on console is still at PS4 pro game, so I'm not sure why it's running at 120fps

  31. That's just it people crying just deal with it

  32. This is the first time I am disappointed in a cod game since infinite warfare. I played vangaurd for like two weeks and then that was it for me. As a main zombies player even infinite warfare was better than vangaurd. It’s very disheartening. Just going to take the year off keep playing other games. Until next time call of duty👌

  33. I uninstalled vanguard i never play it anymore and i needed space for doom eternal and back 4 blood so vanguard was out

  34. They said there nerfing shot guns……

    I'm at peace now 😌

  35. Cod community hating while the devs having good intentions for the cod community that's pretty sad

  36. Still cant load into warzone on xbox and no I dont agree it's there job to fix things that they broke if I where to do something like this I would be fired because what I do for a living could potentially kill somebody.

  37. Series S and graphics are falling flat. Weapons don’t appear at all. Snipers don’t hit at all

  38. I have no faith in this game wasted my money on it

  39. They're a joke. I hate them with a passion. This is their 3rd rubbish CoD. Yet to see good work from them. Vanguard is clearly just a reskin of MW19 and relabelled as vanguard. It won't be fixed. They're too lazy and careless. There is too much incompetence going on in that studio. They've been on 2 holidays already, most likely due to woke bullshit. All I have seen is misconduct. Activision need to get rid of them, they're a plague on the other studios.

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