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League of legends RP hack!
This Patch Works!! After you reach Level 10 and bypass Riots Scum-Check i can track and inject in your account the RP!! Thats why i reqiuer the BOOM and the Wing icon and NOT YOUR PASSWORD!!
This works with the newest patch!
IMPORTANT CHANGES: Riot did patch a Hotfix, the hack will stil work but you have to play up to level 10Step 1: Create a new account with this link:

This is a special link, the system thinks you are a Riot employee!

Step 2: Play up to Lvl 10

IMPORTANT: When you reach level 3 you should get a small amount of RiotPoints. This is a sign that the hack works!
If you dont get the RP at level 3 DONT play to level 10, it wont work.

Step 3: Use This RiotPoints to buy an EXP boost in the shop. You can use this RiotPoints usually to buy between 2 and 4 EXP boosts to get faster to level 10.

Step 4: when you reach levle 10 log out and rejoin the game.

After the relog the Riotpoins will shown up like in the video.
In some rare cases its doesn’t work the first time, just create new account and start at step one. Embark on a Retro Gaming Adventure: Play Online Gunstar Heroes! Dive into the nostalgia of classic gaming with gunstar heroes cheats. Play this iconic title online and relive the excitement of 16-bit action!

Have fun with your new skins and champions

League of legends RP hack!


  1. lol in he's step 2 says Play up to Lvl 10 but he is in lvl 5

  2. wow bro, just wow. thats just ur refferal link duh

  3. Lys everywhere don't believe this dumb ass that trick is too old to trick alot of people now u can trick 2-3 people but i wont work for the rest! its just his referral link if u make a account on it he will get ip and rp while u will get nothing
    if u keep playin' and reach lvl 5
    then lvl 10 he will get extra ip and rp so don't do it guys just don't do it, if u want a real site for RP visit this one after months of hardwork i found this website that offered me for the 1st time free rp without offerining me a survey and works + 100% legit!

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