SEASON 3 Is FINALLY Here - MW3 Zombies New Update -

SEASON 3 Is FINALLY Here – MW3 Zombies New Update

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Season 2 r is finally here but not for Zombies…
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NEW Content Is FINALLY Here – MW3 Zombies Season 2 Reloaded First Gameplay And Impressions

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  1. GeForce shows update but didn’t launch so I just exited and try later

  2. Which gun do you think will be the best for season 3

  3. I didn’t think we were getting new zombies content until s3 reloaded

  4. Once again a HUGE letdown. I have and will continue to say wz was the biggest letdown of cod history. They do not care about zombies or mp anymore. Wz gets instant thing and they make you wait for stuff for zombies and multiplayer. Because they’re so focused on wz. They devote 95% of their time resources and assets to wz. And wth even is this anymore. Dogs? Panda mega heads? Pigeon heads?Like this ain’t Fortnite. Officially done with mw3 and Activision. Biggest letdown of cod history. I’d rather play iw or aw 10 times over this dog water excuse of a game. 👎🏼

  5. Typical….take away the fun and give us nothing. Im keeping my monies then

  6. talk less people would enjoy what your trying to show them

  7. I'm not even playing today my backpack is full of good stuff and so is my stash and there's absolutely nothing new which is a huge huge disappointment they literally just made the game worse lmao it's almost comical how bad they wanna burn this shit to that ground.

  8. They put all the technology into voice recording and left the important stuff alone. 😂

  9. So glad they added all kinda of cool new stuff to Zombies in the season 3 update. Glad they thought to use all the super popular elements of DMZ to make Zombies Epic. Smh

  10. PaP basically turns the Mors into a explosive weapon with a big Blast Radius, Which is great for Crowd Control but not for Elites/Bosses.

  11. People waste money on blackcell & skins when they dont so shit for this game. Good job guys 😂

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