Russia's Army Online Multiplayer Game Gameplay [No Download] -

Russia’s Army Online Multiplayer Game Gameplay [No Download]

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  1. I used to play this every day after school 😭

  2. i played on this site while it was online for years i had a lot of fun but i always felt weird because of the vibe games gave off the loneliness etc… good times gamevial

  3. There was a glitch that made you able to go under the map so you could kill anyone without being seen, those were the times lmao

  4. Константин Гончаров says:

    Русская солдаты настолько суровы что они играют только в эту игру)

  5. I used to play this game when I was younger, where can I find it today?

  6. Oh my god im going to cry i used to play this so much the nostalgia is real

  7. Oh, author liked my comments, so cute)
    Wish you all good!!!

  8. i remember all the glitches people did😭 i miss this game i wanted to play it again

  9. im playing enlisted now and i remember this game xD

  10. This game was goated, used to hide my laptop and play this game in bed all night as a kid

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