Runescape lag fix 2012 (no downloads) -

Runescape lag fix 2012 (no downloads)

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This is how to fix lag in runescape in 2012 without downloads or anything.

Runescape belongs to Jagex. I do not claim Runescape as my own game.


  1. I don't have lag when I play runescape, but hey nice outro

  2. Thanks man, even works when you have no lagg, it makes your internet faster.

  3. Um maybe you should mention how a few of these files may affect temporary backup made by potentially important programs. I'm not a pro at computers but i know this can happen could you reassure or give me an idea what not to delete?

  4. no you can delete it all and * if * something important will be deleted you get a warning and then you can skip that file, but still in most cases the files will be recreated when you open your browser. I hope that answered your question.

  5. I only have lots of lagg when playing in Safe Mode and the other modes. DirectX seems to be flawless for me. Nevertheless, I will try out this method.

  6. no, only temporary will be deleted, when you restart your browser the files you need, will recreate

  7. lol i put mine is listed mode like you had and i had 31 scroll overs before i hit the end 😛

  8. CTRL+A when in temp folder to select all! thumbs up so people see 🙂

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