Root Bluestacks 5 (No downloads, x64/x32) | LATEST | Working 2023 -

Root Bluestacks 5 (No downloads, x64/x32) | LATEST | Working 2023

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Have Bluestacks 5, but want to root your Android virtual device so you can do more with it, but find yourself confused? Want to root an x64 device, but can’t find tutorials? Welcome to the best, simplest rooting guide for Bluestacks 5 on the internet. This is a “full version” video, not a video on the beta – and includes info on installs in other directories.

Root Bluestacks 4 (old video):

0:00 – Explanation
0:26 – Rooting Bluestacks x32 and x64: What’s different?
1:00 – Finding Bluestacks settings file
2:18 – Rooting Bluestacks 5 x32 & x64
3:50 – Testing Bluestacks 5 Root (it works)

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  1. True stuff, still going strong!!👌Thank you.

  2. Best guide ever! I can confirm that it still works to this day!

  3. I don't have device settings in the settings after rooting it, like there is no option to enable root access even tho its already edited in the notepad.

  4. it says "device settings" but when I try look for device settings it does not come up? any help on this?

  5. Amazing video for people doing this their first time like me and it was a breeze!

  6. such a clean and simple tutorial to follow, nice vid!

  7. Way easier than other methods where you're asked to install random 3rd party stuff. Cheers!!

  8. legit thank you very much and keep going.. this is big help n.n

  9. THANK YOU! For anyone else I had two Bluestack VM's so i had to do enable one more in the config

    bst.instance.Nougat64_1.enable_root_access="1" <— the _1 I believe is to the 2nd VM 🙂


  10. Can someone help? When I check Bluestacks, it doesn't show the root thing, and after I close it and check the file again… It's back to 0.

  11. Simple, clean and straight to the point tutorial. Great video.

  12. Thank you! i was trying to use GG – Game Guardian!

  13. Question , i have a game im playing on BS5 64/pie i want to carry the progress over to 64/N is their a way to get data off the pie to the Nougat or can i force the pie instance to become Nougat ? thanks Great videos

  14. no bluestacks.conf for me….
    there is bluestacks.exe.config tho

  15. yay, works like a charm. Anyone an idea why this option automatically resets when the .conf file is not read-only?

  16. Clear explanation, pacing of explanation was not too fast nor too slow, perfect.

  17. hmmm its 2023 and i just followed the instructions and it isnt working…all the options are completely different and there isnt even device settings and under device there is no options for enable root its just microphone, game pad, etc

  18. Simply perfect and short help, worked for me and I loved it.

  19. Im missing a lot. Local disk, Bluestacks.CONF and possibly others too how do you get this into your files?

  20. Thank you! I can't believe how simple it is. Bluestacks Tweaker isn't needed at all.

  21. i have Pie64 instead of Nougat 32… is it the same??

  22. when i edit the config file, it changes its properties making it unusable, therefore bluiestacks cannot read the file.

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