Root Bluestacks 5 (No downloads, x64/x32) | LATEST | Working 2023 -

Root Bluestacks 5 (No downloads, x64/x32) | LATEST | Working 2023

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Have Bluestacks 5, but want to root your Android virtual device so you can do more with it, but find yourself confused? Want to root an x64 device, but can’t find tutorials? Welcome to the best, simplest rooting guide for Bluestacks 5 on the internet. This is a “full version” video, not a video on the beta – and includes info on installs in other directories.

Root Bluestacks 4 (old video):

0:00 – Explanation
0:26 – Rooting Bluestacks x32 and x64: What’s different?
1:00 – Finding Bluestacks settings file
2:18 – Rooting Bluestacks 5 x32 & x64
3:50 – Testing Bluestacks 5 Root (it works)

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Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you’re doing is safe.


  1. You can just press Win+R, paste this: C:ProgramDataBlueStacks_nxt
    So you can find the config file easily and you don't even need to unhide folders..

  2. unlucky that they renamed there whole strukture recently i am guessing so this is litteraly no help for me.

    bluestacks exe is named hd-player.exe and there is no config for that

  3. Guilherme G De A Vogtmannsberger Funke says:

    Speak very fast but is one of the best tutorial i saw, thank you

  4. woops i crashed my bluestacks it says "Failed to read configuration file"

  5. then you put 2 instead of 1 🥴

  6. I can't seem to find device settings on my bluestacks 5, is there a another way to access the root setting

  7. That is the best high quality tutorial you ever done thank you so much!☺

  8. Very simple tutorial, keep up the great work. Of course it worked!

  9. Is there a way to root bluestacks 5 on mac?

  10. Note that once you have set the file as read-only, the settings become unchangeable.

  11. Why you wanted to have the file read-only?

  12. root checker still says it's unrooted for some reason though i have access to app data after changing the config file and the option in bluestacks menu is checked

  13. thank you brother first totoruial which didnt mess my brain

  14. Thank u so much it really worked 😊😊😊😊 you earned your self a sub.
    And i am not a bot

  15. I never understood the whole ‘saving to different areas’ thing… When I download things, it goes straight to the ‘downloads’ tap on the left

  16. I didn’t have a “device settings” tap… Honestly maybe it’s just me, but this is so complicated

  17. im spechless this is the such an easy and straight to the point ive ever seen in a while

  18. I had no problem rewinding if I ever got confused. Pretty relaxing voice!

  19. Still helping people 2 years later, ty for the straightforward tutorial sir.

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